Restaurant Review - December 18, 2006 - Joanne
Updated: June, 2007

Fish Restaurant


350 Harbor Dr., Sausalito, CA
(415) 331-Fish

Visited: November 19, 2006 - Lunch
(They Do Not Accept Credit Cards)

Fish is located adjacent to the docks in Sausalito, and it's many picnic-style tables make it a fun, casual dining experience. Note: there is seating inside but part of the experience is the outside eating – so not the best choice on a rainy day. For the evening or cooler parts of the year they have heaters outside.

The best part of the experience may be just knowing what you are eating is sustainable seafood. The attention to sustainable and organic can be seen throughout the menu.

The food was a hit with us. Beverages come in bistro style glasses and we don’t care. It’s a fun spot with good food. Not cheap though – but what you eat is high quality fish & seafood. They also have a small fish market inside in the restaurant. The restaurant food and ambiance is very kid-friendly and a number of dogs were at tables on our visit.

Clam Chowder NE White The Chowder Bowl at Fish
The Chowder Bowl - (New England style)
A thin, creamy broth with chunks of potato, vegetables and New England surf clam. Wonderfully balanced and nicely seasoned. Comes with a hunk of Acme baguette. Really delicious. Highly recommended.

Boquerones White Anchovy Bruschetta at Fish

White Anchovy Bruschetta
Five slices of baguette each with one boquerones on top. The sardines were good but the baguette did nothing for them. I would not order again.

Miyagi Oyster
Oysters - Miyagi
Cheap ($2/pc), fresh and good. But lots of shell pieces in this round.

The Crab Roll with Dungeness Crab at Fish
The Crab Roll

Fresh Dungeness Crab on an Acme torpedo roll with garlic butter, served with fries or salad. Really fresh crab and really good with the buttered roll. I personally like a bit of mayo in a crab roll and ordering a side of tartar sauce makes this roll better IMHO. The point is the really fresh crab. The fries are different (and not as good) as the ones that come with the fish & chips.

Ahi Poke>
Ahi Poke
Served with really well done housemade potato chips. The ahi was fresh and really delicious. We would order this dish again.

Fish and Chips at Fish Sausalito
Fish & Chips
Beautiful white Alaskan Halibut, cooked perfectly, inside a crunchy crispy crust (Anchor Steam beer batter). Hand-cut potato wedges and a nicely balanced house-made tartar sauce. If there was a complaint it would be just a bit on the greasy side. But really good.

Inside at Fish Sausalito

Picnic tables at Fish

The Tray


Rootbeer Float with Thomas Kemper Rootbeer
Rootbeer Float
They offer Thomas Kemper’s Rootbeer on tap. That combined with vanilla ice cream is pure pleasure. Served in a large mason jar. Highly recommended.

Wine List
The wine list is very small and relatively inexpensive. It features wines which pair well with the food and are uncommon choices.

2005 Santa Julia Torrentes from Argentina. Jack liked this wine alot. Wine is served in a small mason jar.

Draft Beer
Newcastle on draft was my selection (their draft selection is small but wonderful) and draught beer is offered by the Pint, Quart & Pitcher.

On Other Visits:
Manhattan Clam Chowder at Fish
Manhanttan Clam Chowder
Very good, but we liked the New England Style better.

Grilled Lobster
Grilled Lobster (a special)

Good but expensive. Potato salad was not wonderful. Came with fried artichokes.

The Fish Cocktail
Fresh seafood but too heavy on the sauce for my taste. Would not order it again.

2006 Menu
2006 Drinks Menu

Fish Menu Winter - 2007

Winter 2007 Drinks Menu

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