Cheese Resources

Cheese Dictionaries & Directories

Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Library - Most of these cheeses are available from Artisan/Cowgirl Creamery stores, including Jean D'Alos and Neal's Yard Selections. Now with photos and printable selections. Cheese Library - A French cheese website where you can order direct (and they ship direct from France to the US). They have pictures and great descriptions of the cheeses that they sell. (670 cheeses - some with photos) - It has a wealth of information on international (but not US) cheese but the site hasn't been updated in years. We assume the url is for sale.

And Fork & Bottle's Master Cheese List

General Cheese Resources

Janet Fletcher - Writes a fantastic cheese column in the San Francisco Chronicle called the Cheese Course. Here's the link to the SF Chronicle Cheese Course Archives.

Emily Weissman's blog, the Winemonger, has a great Cheese & Wine pairing page, here.

Steve Jenkins - A collection of articles by one of the top cheese book authors.

Juliet Harbutt's The Cheese Web - The website of one of the world's authorities on cheese. This site has information on the British Cheese Awards, The Great British Cheese Festival, as well as a great list of UK Cheese Shops and NZ Cheeseshops.

Slow Food Presidia – American Farmstead Raw Milk Cheeses - A list of artisan cheesemakers with website links.

American Cheese Society - More than one thousand members, many of which are cheesemakers. Lists 450 Swiss cheeses but is in French/German/Italian. Good list of links to Swiss cheesemakers as well under "Links".

Non-US Affineur Websites

Pascal Beillevaire - Noted French Affineur.. He's one of the only french affineur who also makes cheese. Plus there are some more French fromagerie listed on this site.

Jacquy Cange Affineur - Noted Belgian Affineur's website. Choose the english option to enter.

Rolf Beeler Maitre Fromager - Noted Swiss Affineur's website. Choose the english option. Another great list of Rolf Beeler's Cheeses.

Chantal Plasse - French affineur. Selections imported by Crystal Foods (see below).

Schmidhauser Affineur - Affineurs of Beaufort, Tommes de Savoie, Abondance, Reblochon, etc.

Guffanti Formaggi - Italian affineur of fine cheeses - some of which you will find labeled at fine cheese counters. There is an English version of most of their site - click the British flag round icon on the upper right.

Fabrice Martin - French Affineur and cheese shop owner in Lorient, France. The website offers online worldwide ordering.

Australia & New Zealand Cheese Resources

Staffords - Lists a good number of Australian Specialty Cheeses with descriptions and photos.

Canadian Cheese Resources

Canadian Cheese Index - Canadian Cheeses Directory is compiled and updated by The Canadian Dairy Information Center (CDIC). Very comprehensive list of Canadian Cheeses.

Ontario Cheese Society - Lists cheesemaking members of the Society in Ontario, Canada.

Fromages de Quebec - Lists cheesemaker members in Quebec, Canada. There is an version of the site.

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese - a new cheesemaker in Prince Edward Co has a website with lots of general cheese info. and a community blog.

Cheese Blogs

Our picks. (Scroll down.)

Also: Ideas in Food's Cheese Photos

French Cheese Resources

List of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) cheeses.

Cheeses of Normandy - A site dedicated to cheeses made in Normandy.

The Camembert Web Pages - Everything you wanted to know about Camembert.

Connection Cote d'Azur - A small list which includes some unusual French cheeses (no photos and limited details.)

Cidilait: La France aux 1000 Fromages - Lists 1000 French cheeses many with photos. The site is all in French.

Loire Valley Online

Has a few links to goat cheese makers in the Loire Valley.

UK & Ireland Cheese Resources

Neal's Yard Dairy (72 cheeses)

If you happen upon a Neal’s Yard Cheese this is the place to go to find out about it. They don’t ship to consumers in the US.

Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers Association

A great resource for learning about and referencing Irish cheese. The members list has some links to members webpages. There are good notes on a number of great Irish farmhouse cheeses.

The British Cheese Board

The official site. Gives lots of information on the top British Cheeses and health benefits and nutrition, etc. Also offers a members list and some really beautiful photos. There is also a selection of interesting recipes.

The Specialist Cheese Association (SCA)

An alliance of British cheesemakers, retailers, wholesalers and others interested in cheese. The site includes a members list with links.

Stilton Cheese - Everything you wanted to know about Stilton Cheese but were afraid to ask.

Bath Soft Cheese Company - Wyfe of Bath and 4 others - Cheesemaker website

Curworthy Cheese - Devon Oke and five others - Cheesemaker website.

The Cheese Society - Sells mostly UK cheese (in the UK only) allow they have some European and French selections.

IJ Mellis Cheesemonger - Edinburgh Scotland cheeseseller with a list of UK cheese that they sell. (No photos.) - List of some UK cheeses which include the PDO (protected designation of origin) cheeses.

Teddington Cheese Co - British and Continental Cheesemonger in Teddington, Middlesex. Has some good general info on cheese and lists many cheeses with descriptions and small photos and suggested wine pairings.

Wensleydale Creamery - Makers of Hawes Wensleydale and distributers of other English and continental cheese.

US Cheese Resources

California Artisan Cheese Guild

Maine Cheese Guild - 18 Cheesemakers, a few of which have websites and a nice little map of Maine and where the cheesemakers are located. Sometimes they offer a Maine artisan cheese package.

Great Cheeses of New England - Lists 42 Cheesemakers.

New York State Farmstead and Artisan Cheese Makers Guild- Lists 25 New York Cheesemakers.

Ohio Farmstead-Artisan Cheesemaker's Guild - Includes an online membership list and a MAP of the location of those members.

Pennsylvannia Farmstead & Artisan Cheesemaker's Alliance - Includes a .pdf link to a member's directory.

Southern Cheesemakers' Guild - The have 14 Cheesemakers from Virginia, South Carolina and further South.

Washington State Cheesemakers - Founded in 2005. They currently list 5 members.

The Vermont Cheese Council - Lists 20 Cheesemakers.

Sierra Club's list of Non-rBGH Cheese sources - Huge list!

Shelburne Farms - Historical Inn and cheese maker.

Wisconsin Artisan Cheesemakers Directory - links to a .pdf file brochure with a good number of cheesemakers profiled. The Directory is now online.

Italian Cheese Resources

The Union of Taleggio Makers - Their website offers some great information on Taleggio and has a list of it's members online which is really helpful.

List of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Cheeses

Spanish Cheese Resources

Cheese from Spain - A wealth of information on Spanish Cheese - including a great map.

Spanish Cheese Direct (Quesos) - They ship cheese direct from Spain to you. We've never ordered from them but they describe the cheeses they sell and have good pictures. They ship to the US.

La Yerbera - The Cheesemaker's website is in Spanish.

Cheese Wholesalers & Importers

The Cheeseworks (east & west) - This top cheese wholesaler stocks a great selection of cheese and accompaniments as well as gourmet food items. The online cheese list holds a wealth of information on cheeses that they carry. They do not sell to the public. - A Washington based online cheese supplier - looks to be more of a wholesale site (they sell in quantity). Many of the cheese selections seem to be more industrial or large maker products.

Doralice Imports - This San Francisco Bay Area importer specializes in Ecuadorian cheeses, butter and cocoa.

Fresca Italia - This Italian cheese importer has great cheeses, such as Brescianella Stagionata.

Based in France, they deliver your cheeses within 48 hours. Positive review here. They have a wholesale division.

Crystal Food Import - Includes Caroline Hostettler's collection of Rolf Beeler's Cheeses for the US as well as Chantal Plasse, Cora and Guffanti.

The Cheezwhse - Based in NY. Large Distributor

to upscale gourmet retail markets

Buying Cheese

Online Cheese Shopping

They have a wide selection of cheeses which are cut to order and vacuum packed. They are one of the online sources of Jack’s favorite, Celtic Promise.

Based in France, they deliver your cheeses within 48 hours. Positive review here. They have a very good selection!

Cowgirl Creamery/Artisan Cheese

This California-based cheese company also imports cheeses including those from Neal’s Yard and Jean d ’Alos. Their store Artisan Cheese sells a nice selection of artisanal cheeses – some of which are available online or by mail order. Their cowgirl creamery cheeses are certainly world class and worth seeking out. The Tomales Bay Store has more limited selection than the Ferry Plaza but sometimes has had the extra aged Comte when the SF store didn't.

Artisanal Cheese

Artisanal Cheese in NYC both select and mature artisanal cheeses. They offer mail order and cheese info, recipes and gift baskets, etc. etc. Max McCalman, author of the book The Cheese Course, is the Maitre Fromager. The restaurant of the same name in NY is a fun destination – as well as their cheese shop. They offer a great selection of cheeses on the website plus the site is a great resource for cheese information.

Murray’s Cheese Shop

One of the premier cheese shops in the country. This heralded New York Cheese destination is an internet destination as well. They stock a wide selection of cheese and accompaniments, offer a cheese club and if you happen to be in NYC – have cheese classes. Their list of cheese is extensive and their website is a great resource.

Formaggio Kitchen

A Boston-based gourmet company with a really interesting collection of gourmet foods as well as a wonderful selection of cheeses. One of the three US affineurs.


While their selection is relatively small, they offer specially selected regional artisan cheeses. Their own creamery too is worth a note. Their fresh goat rounds may convert you!

Di Bruno Brothers

This Philadelphia gourmet foods store has an excellent cheese shop.

Dean & DeLuca

You can count on them to have cheeses that are in the limelight plus some great finds. They offer “cheese plate” selections of cheese as well as all the necessaries for the perfect cheese course. Shopping online is a very very pale version of shopping in their stores.


During the holidays they offered some great collections of cheese – one or more from Neal’s Yard as I recall... They also have some great accoutrements like cheese markers and a cheeseboard.

Do You Know of a Great Cheese Shop?

One that focuses on artisan cheeses, stocks both local and European cheeses, and sells them in good condition? Please email us and include their web address!

In-Store Shopping

Specialty Cheese Stores

Most are a great source for artisan cheese. Many don't always stock the most interesting cheeses, but are usually willing to order what they can get from their suppliers. Scout out the ones near you!

Bay Area Cheese Specialty Cheese Stores:

Cowgirl Creamery/Artisan Cheese

We probably get to the Ferry Plaza about once a month and we always visit Artisan Cheese. They also carry a small selection of US artisan cheese as well as Neal's Yard and Jean d'Alos. They also have a nice selection of June Taylor Preserves and other cheese condiments. Plus, Acme Bread (we love Pain au Levain!) is right next store. Two San Francisco locations, plus one in Point Reyes Station, CA at Tomales Bay Foods.

Cheese Plus

Ray Bair's cheese shop in San Francisco’s Russian Hill, offers international cheese selections and fine culinary products including Northern California artisan produced charcuterie, chocolate, specialty condiments, oils and vinegars. They also offer house made sandwiches, salads, and spreads. Cheese Plus is affiliated with the Cheese School of San Francisco (see below).

The Cheeseboard Collective

In Berkeley offer a wide range of international cheeses. They are also famous for their bread and pizza.

Raymond Cheesemongers - in Glen Ellen's (CA) Jack London Village shops. Offer Sally Jackson cheeses and Goat's Leap (of St. Helena, CA) amongst others. The website has a short directory of great cheeses. They also offer classes.

Specialty Cheese Stores Elsewhere:

C'est Cheese

Located in Santa Barbara, CA. They offer cheese tasting classes and cheese accompaniments.

Cheese Shop of Carmel

The cheese shop looks to have a fine selection of cheese - and has a 4 page online catalog with some descriptions and small photos.

Saxelby Cheesemongers

A specialist in American Farmstead Cheese. Anne Saxelby offers a selection choosen from over 30 NE dairies. She has all the cheeses shipped directly to her. Many of the cheeses on offer at Saxelby Cheesemongers are available only in limited quantities and can be found only at Essex Street Market. Highly recommended!

Formaggio Kitchen

A Boston-based gourmet company with a really interesting collection of gourmet foods as well as a wonderful selection of cheese. One of the three US affineurs.

Bedford Cheese Shop

In Brooklyn, New York. Good list of cheeses. Offers gift baskets and cheese of the month packages.

Foster & Dobbs

In Portland, OR. This cheese shop also has its own cheese blog.

Les Amis du Fromage

A British Columbia based cheese store which sells local cheeses as well as has a great selection of imported ones (They specialize in lait cru French cheese!). It seems like it should be a destination in Vancouver - anyone been there? Email me!

Taste Artisan Cheese & Gourmet Shop

In San Diego’s Hillcrest shopping district  Since 2004, Taste has offered artisan and farmstead cheeses, as well as gourmet foods and specialty items.  

Dedrick's Main Street Cheese

In Placerville, CA. Sells cheese also at the local farmer's markets. They over 180 different artisanal, farmstead and premium cheeses with a focus on California.


In Charlottesville, Virginia offers cheeses, local farm produce, old-fashioned dairy products, cured & deli meats, wines, etc. They usually have a selection of about 100 cheeses at hand (including some Virginian ones!)

Boston Cheese Cellar

A brand new cheese shop near Boston, MA (Roslindale). Kathy took the same Master Intensive Cheese class that I did at Artisanal Cheese Center in NYC.

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine - in Chicago, IL is a small neighborhood cheese shop. They offer cheese classes.

Gourmet Food & Food Stores

Quite a few gourmet food stores around the country have decent selection of cheese or can get them.

Dean & DeLuca

You can count on them to have cheeses that are in the limelight plus some great finds. They offer “cheese plate” selections of cheese as well as all the necessaries for the perfect cheese course. We seem to offered a sample of most any cheese they have, too.

Delaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

In Pike's Place Seattle has a great newsletter and seems to have a very vibrant cheese program with over 100 seasonal cheeses for sale.

Whole Foods

We’ve been in about a half-dozen different Whole Foods, and they all have a very good cheese selection. They will take orders, too.

Cheesemaker's Resources

New England Cheesemaker's Supply - Everything you need to make cheese - they even have kits for the beginner.

Small Dairy - Lots of Resources for Small Dairies and Cheesemakers. Established in 1998 to assist small commercial dairies in finding information about on-farm and artisan processing.

Fias Co Farm - A great list of links for Home Cheesemakers.

Leener's - Offers a variety of cheesemaking supplies, kits and instruction guides. Based in Northfield, OH.

Cheesemaking Classes

Three Shepherds in Warren VT.

Cheesemaking Opportunites and Challenges Conference - Annual Cheesemaking conference in Sonoma, CA hosted by Sheana Davis of Epicurian Connection.

Small Dairy - has a great list of Cheese making classes and courses (and related subjects) with links to information on them.

The Training Center for Farmstead Cheesemaking - Organized by Consultant Peter Dixson in Putnam, VT, the classes are held at Woodcock Sheep Cheese Farm and Vermont and Taylor Farm.

Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese - at the Univeristy of Vermont.

Bobolink Dairy - offer Bread & Cheesemaking classes.

Cheese Classes & Education

Artisanal Cheese Center (New York City)

Offers a wide range of classes from evening to multi-day as well as certification classes and Master Cheese Intensives.

Murray's Cheese Shop (New York City)

Offers a wide range of classes including a cheese certification program.

Cheese School of San Francisco

All of the classes are sponsored by Cheese Plus, a specialty cheese shop in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood. A new school offering mulit-level classes as well as drop-in classes and farmstead cheesemaking.

Formaggio Kitchen (Boston)

Tasting and pairing classes take place on the third or fourth Sunday of each month from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the store in Cambridge.

Cheese Tours & Travel

C'est Cheese

Sara Wilcox offers small tours for those who are interested in artisanal cheeses and wines. The next cheese tour is to Paris & Burgundy in May 2008.