The Master Cheese List

Artisan, Farmstead and Smaller Production Cheeses That We've Eaten  

Raw Milk note: If an "/R" follows sheep, cow or goat it means that the cheese is made from raw or unpasteurized milk. If it does not have a /R it means that we did not know for sure or we missed labeling it, or it is made from either Pasteurized milk or Thermalized milk. Some of the "Raw" milk cheeses are still made from "heated" milk.

Under the Milk column, we sometimes abbreviate Cow with c, Goat with g and Sheep with an s and Wbuff for Water Buffalo. We use mostly country codes for the country of origin, i.e., CH for Switzerland.

Note: Some of the cheese notes (before 2005) are copied or paraphrased from somewhere on the internet - many from Cowgirl Creamery's venerable library of cheeses on their site.

Cheese Name Milk From Notes
Abbaye de Belloc sheep FR From the Pyrenees. Probably the cheese most recommended to us in 2005. We like it but don't love it.
Abbaye de Citeaux cow/R FR Produced by the monks of the Abbey of Saint Nicholas Les Citeaux in Burgundy since beginning of 20th century. Made from milk of Montbeliard cows and is milder than other washed rind cheeses. The one we enjoyed was from Hérve Mons
Abbaye de Tamie cow FR Similar to Reblochon but larger - a pressed uncooked washed rind cheese, made by monks in the Trappist abbey of Tamié.
Acappella goat CA, US Andante in Petaluma, CA. A small cheese with a white mold covered ash layer making a springy rind. The pate is pure white with a slight tang. The cheese is made with 100% goat's milk and comes in a round and pyramid form. We enjoyed the small round.
Affidelice cow FR Made by Berthaudt in Burgundy. A washed rind cheese; washed in Chablis. It’s less pungent and more approachable than Epoisses. Has replaced D’affinois in our household.
Aged Chelsea goat MI, US From Zingerman's Creamery. Mold ripened and aged for 3–5 weeks, pate has a hint of mushroom flavor. Smooth, creamy, very mild (and not very goaty).
Alpage Prattigau cow CH A Rolf Beeler selection. Made from milk of cows which graze on a single alp in Prattigau valley. The cheese has sweet nutty flavor with notes of caramel and butterscotch.
Alta Robiola Bosina c-s IT Cow and sheep's milk from Langhe/Piedmonte region, a soft cheese with a bloomy rind.
Amish Frolic cow/r NJ, US Made by a collaboration between Bobolink Dairy and 3 Amish farmers. It is a simple cheese made from pasture grazed raw milk. It is a hard cheese, with a hearty character and mild bite. It is available seasonally.
Appenzellar cow CH Gold or Black label???   Very nutty, spicy finish.
Ardrahan cow IRL Neal’s Yard. Made by Mary Burns in Kanturk, Co. Cork. A semi-soft washed rind cheese with a pungent aroma, Ardrahan cheese has buttery textured honey-coloured centre with a complex delicate flavor.
Ascutney Mountain cow VT, US Made by Cobb Hill from raw Jersey cows' milk. It's a hard alpine-style cheese similar to Appenzeller but with a Cheddar-like element. It has a sweet, nutty sligthly buttery flavor and melts easily. Made by Marsha Carmichael and Gail Holmes.
Aseitao or Azeitao sheep/r SP Semi-soft. Buttery. Pleasant.
Bachtelstein cow CH A cow’s milk cheese made in Girenbad, near Zurich in Switzerland at the Brook Thal Cheese Factory. It is brick-shaped with a textured brown rind, the pate is golden almost brownish towards the edges but smooth with a taste of grass, nuts, and wild flowers.
Bagòss di Bagolino cow/R IT Hard uncooked cheese made from part-skimmed milk. From northern part of Brescia. Mountain-style. Brushed with raw linseed oil. Aged versions are flakey and grateable. A red wine cheese.
Baita Friuli cow IT Clean fruity taste. Firm. Aged about 5 months. Similar to Asiago or Gruyere. Grateable and meltable. Smooth flavor.
Bandon Vale cow IRL Vintage Mature Irish Cheddar Lauragh Industral Bandon, Co. Cork. A medium cheddar which melted nicely.
Barat cow NY, US Sprout Creek Farm. Artisanal cheese made from grass fed cow’s milk. Dry andcheddar-like in texture.
Beaufort cow FR An alpine cheese made from the milk given by the mahogany-coloured Beaufort cows. When young it has a mild fruity, sweet taste which becomes stronger and more complex with age.
Bergblumenkase cow/r CH Means "mountain flower'.  A washed rind cheese smeared with herbs.
Bermuda Triangle goat CA, US From Cypress Grove. A small triangle, double rind cheese with an ash layer covered with a white bloom rind Smooth and creamy with a light flavor and a mushroomy element. Chalky in the center and more runny near the rind as it ages.
Bethmale c or g FR From the Pyrenees. Farmhouse cheese - rind has an leathery appearance. A mellow cheese providing a fruity spicy flavor and a somewhat pungent aroma which becomes stronger with age.
Bianco Sardo sheep IT From Sardegna. A percorino style cheese. Good. Almost comte like notes. Flowery and complex.
Bica goat PT Mixed Milk. A raw farmhouse cheese . Mild, buttery flavor & satiny texture. Slightly because its milk comes from animals that graze on land by the sea.
Bishop's Blessing wbuff ENG Farmstead cheese made from water buffalo milk and vegetable rennet by Monastery Cheese Makers in England.
Black Gold goat/p CA, US Elk Grove Creamery in Fort Bragg, CA (associated with Flowers by the Sea a biodynamic flower grower) make this pasteurized goat's milk bloomy rind ash coated cheese. It's creamy and salty and has a goat tangy. The rind is also slightly peppery. I would expect that the cheese is biodynamic but I don't know for sure. We liked this cheese.
Black Mountain cow Wales Made by Abergavenny and exported by Somerdale. A mature cheddar flavored with herbs and garlic. Unusual flavor. Sharp finish. Good with pickles.
Blanc Bleu de Rizet goat/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Blank Slate cow WA, US from Beechers. A honey'd farmer's cheese. Spreadable. A greally great "blank slate" for jam or savory spreads. Great for appetizers or breakfast.
Bleu de Bocage goat/p FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Bleu de Causses cow FR Matured for 3 to 6 weeks in natural caves. Summer cheese has a soft grassy pasturey flavor. Flavors more pronounced in winter-made cheese. Look for one affiné by Herve Mons.
Bleu de Sassenage cow FR Blue with a slight bitterness on the finish. Very salty finish. Madeira pairing turns it into a different cheese.
Bloomsday goat CA, US An aged goat cheese from Pugs Leap in Healdsburg. Green blue mold on the outside of a bloomy rind.
Blu de Montviso sheep/r IT Made by La Bottera di Sarale. From the Maritime Alps of Italy.
Blu del Moncenisio cow IT Blue veined cheese with dense and almost cooked greens characteristics. Creamy.
Blue D’Auvergne cow FR A mild creamy blue.
Blue de Gex cow FR Official name: Blue du Haut Jura; it is also known as Blue de Septmoncel. Blue de Gex is produced in the small mountain dairies that employ the traditional methods that have been handed down from the 14th century. It is produced only from the Montbeliardes or Pie rouge de l’Est cows which graze on these mountains. The rind is very fine and yellowish. The ivory white dough has evenly distributed greeny-blue veins. The pate is creamy, almost crumbly when touched. Nutty tasting.
Bobolink Foret cow/r NJ, US Cheesemaker Jonathan White in Vernon, NJ  is committed to sustainable farming. Using only raw grass fed milk from the Bobolink farm, this cheddar is washed with "La Foret" Belgian farmhouse ale which transforms the ripening process and gives the cheese great complexity. From their website: "The alcohol and hops from the ale supress the growth of molds on the rind, and then the terroir yeasts from the ale colonize the cheese, giving it a sweet, delicate, faintly fruity note, with perhaps a just hint of hops."
Bocconcino di pura capra goat IT Small button of goat's milk cheese from Caseificio dell'Alta Langhe.
Bondon à la Fleur de Sel goat FR From Poitou-Charentes. Resembles Chabichou. A round tower - ash coated. With a white chalky firm center. Delicious - very balanced. Enhanced with Fleur de Sel.
Bonne Buche goat VT, US From Vermont Butter & Cheese. Ash ripened goat cheese. It's hand ladled, and first introduced in 2001.  “Bonne Bouche” literally means “good mouthful” and is a French term used to describe a tasty morsel.  it can be enjoyed fresh or aged up to 45 days. It's a soft cheese and has good acids with notes of flowers and hazelnuts reminescent of yet fresh chevre.  Aged it becomes softer and runnier and the flavor of the rind comes more into play giving it earthier elements.
Bosina Robiola c-s IT From Alta Langhe. This square cheese is creamy and subtley tastes of wild mushrooms.  (also see Robiola Bosina)
Bourboule cow/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Bourguignon cow/p FR Chantal Plasse. Bloomy rind small cow's milk cheese. Mild creamy and mushroomy. See Chaource Bourguignon.
Bra Tenero sheep IT From Piedmonte. Soft and tender, with a white elastic pâté. Bra Tenero has a flavor is very fragrant and creamy.
Brandywine goat ID, US From Parma, ID. Rollingstone aged Chevre wrapped in grape leaf. An unusual fruity flavor. Didn't quite like it.
Brebiou sheep FR From the Basque. Mound-shaped wheel with a thick interior under the rind that will become runny with age. Sweet, mild milky flavor with a slight savory bite to it
Brebis du Lavort sheep/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Brebis du Lochois sheep FR Made in central France (Loire) where goat's milk cheeses are traditionally made. A has a firm gray-blue rind natural rind with a velvety smooth paste inside. It's a semi-soft cheese with delicate flavors of grass and flowers.
Brescianella Stagionata cow IT Jack's new favorite May, 2005. Similar but superior to Taleggio. Imported by Fresca Italia.
Brescianella Stagionata di Aquavita cow IT Brescianella aged for 2-3 months and coated with grape pomace giving it a fruity dimension.
Brezouard aux Herbes cow/r FR From Alsace-Lorraine. We loved this cheese. It has a stinky element but is semi-hard with herbes rolled in - they enhance the flavor rather than "are" the flavor. Try again!
Bridgid's Abbey cow CT, US From Cato Corner. A trappist-style cheese which is smooth and creamy with a mild flavor. Very meltable.
Brie de Meaux cow FR The quintessential brie. A high fat soft white mold cheese with notes of hazelnuts and fruit. Buttery texture. Great with champagne.
Brigno de Flanders cow FR A vegetable dyed washed rind (the pate is the same orange color as is the rind). A strong smelling cheese reminiscent of Taleggio but softer and creamier - and firmer.
Brillat Savarin w/truffles cow FR The classic triple cream with the additional of truffles. Sexy and decadent.
Brin D'Amour sheep FR From Corsica. Also called Fleur de Maquis - it's natural rind is covered with rosemary thyme, coriander seeds and other herbs that are found on the island. It is an uncooked and unpressed cheese
Brother Laurent cow/r VT, US Boucher Family Farm. A washed rind raw milk artisan cheese made from milk of their herd of Holstein, Normandy and Jersey cows. Aged 60 days. A cross between St. Paulin and Livarot.
Brunet goat IT From the Langhe. A soft white bloomy rind cheese with mild salty flavor.
Bubalus Bubali wbuff CA, US Fresh Water Buffalo Mozzarella from Gardena, CA. They are the only US producer of water buffalo cheese.
Burrata cow/p IT This one from Caseificio Voglia di Latte.
C2 cow AUST Made by Bruny Island Cheese Co in Australia. Cooked curd cheese matured for 6-12 months. A mildly nutty flavor and slightly flakey texture. Reminescent of Cheddar.
Cabecou goat FR From the Perigord. Wrapped in leaves made by Bernard Soreda in Perigord
Cabecou Feuille goat FR A small goat's cheese topped with cracked pepper and wrapped in fragrant chestnut leaves.
Cabra Al Romero goat SP Coated in dried rosemary which gives the cheese a rosemary zing.
Cacetto al Raboso cow IT Washed in Raboso wine giving it a burgundy violet rind and the nutty pineapple flavor.
Caciotta al Rosmarino sheep/R IT From Tuscany. The same cheese as Pecorino but from outside the area where it can be legally called "Pecorino". It has rosemary added to it. We really liked it.
Caciotta al Rosmarino cow CA, US From Borelli Lattinici in Fresno. A fresh whole milk farmer’s cheese flavored with rosemary and packed in brine.
Caciotta al Timo sheep/R IT From Tuscany. The same cheese as Pecorino but from outside the area where it can be legally called "Pecorino". It has thyme added to it. We like this one even better than the rosemary one.
Caciotta del Lazio sheep IT From Rome. Imported by Mitica. A softer mild flavored cheese. Did not like.
Caerphilly cow Wales A hard cheese with a light almost white pate. It has a mild flavor but is very salty.
Calabrese c/g/s SP Three-milk cheese from Asturias Spain with blue veins.
Camembert cow FR Isigny St. Mere's version of the white molded soft Normandy cheese. High butterfat give it a creamy texture as it ages. Young cheeses are almost chalky in the center.
Capri Log goat MA, US Westfield Farm Fresh Chevre made in Hubbardson, MA.
Capricious goat CA, US From Petaluma. Semi-firm salty mildly goaty cheese with an appealing tang. Aged 3 months.
Caprino Noce g-s/r IT A soft rind-less cheese. Made by Gianni Cora. Wrapped in chestnut leaves
Cardona - Cocoa goat WI, US Cocoa covered goat.  From Carr Valley.Aged for more than 8 months. It has a firmer texture, sweet, with a slight nutty flavor. Rubbed with cocoa powder the rind is brown and the cocoa flavor adds an interesting subtlety.
Carre de Berry goat FR From the Berry region of the Loire. A thick square of Fresh Herbed Chevre. Tangy with aromatic herbs and juniper berries. Yum!
Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese cow IRE A farmhouse cheese (which can be flavored with garlic and herb) made in Co. Cork by the O'Farrells from Freisian cows milk. Similar in taste and texture to Havarti. Melts wonderfully and works well in sandwiches also.
Celtic Promise cow Wales One of Jack’s 3 or 4 favorites. A firm washed-rind raw milk cheese. Really tasty and pretty approachable. Made by John & Patrice Savage in Onstwedder from James Aldridge’s recipe. It won Supreme Champion at the 1998 adnd 2005 British Cheese Awards. We have yet to try it with cider, a recommended pairing.
Cendré du Beauzac cow/r FR From Haute-Loire, Auvergne. Ashy exterior. Semi-soft white pate with little holes and veins (almost little pockets) of blue mold. Very mild flavor.
Centovalli cow CH From Rolf Beeler. Firm dense cheese with a dry finish but not crumbly. Strong flavor. Pair with white wines.
Chabichou du Poitou goat FR A soft white mold covered cylinder-shaped cheese with a delicate nutty flavor. It has some sweetness and salt The paste becomes harder and more brittle when the cheese ages and the white rind can have blue mold on it.
Chablis Chalencay cow FR Tasted like the warm animal it came from and was slightly soft. Can't find out anything about it - but I suspect Chalencay where it's made.
Chabriou goat FR Made by Onetik. A Basque Cheese. A pressed aged goat cheese. 100% goat.
Chambord goat/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Chanco cow/p ECU The first cheese we’ve had from Ecuador made by Agricola Pucuhuaico Dairy in Ibarra. Imported by Doralice Imports. It has a natural rind covered by a thin layer of wax. A semi-hard cheese. Tangy with a very bitter finish,
Chaource cow FR AOC. A Fermier and Artisan cheese with a sharp bitter taste like blue cheese. Joanne didn't like the white rind. It is made at the same farm where the milk comes from.
Chaource Bourguignon cow FR See also "Bourguignon"
Chaubier c-g FR Meltable middle of the road pressed cheese with an orange rind. Semi hard. Good flavor but not too pungent. Good for sandwiches, eggs etc.
Chevre goat CA, US From Yerba Buena Goat Dairy (now owned by Bodega Goat). Fresh goat chevre with a nice mineral element to the flavor.
Chistou c-s FR Made by Istara or Lactalis International - we've had both. From the Basque. The ivory soft paste is reminescent of Ossau-Iraty or Petit Basque. Very approachable and likable.
Ciambellina Aromatica cow IT From Piedmonte. Raw milk cheese spiced with hot paprika and drizzled with Olive Oil.
Cimonino cow IT Semistagionato Valsassina from Lombardy. Surprisingly intense, almost reminiscent of a goat’s milk cheese. The small roll of cheese has a moldy rind, while the creamy, lush texture offsets the strong saltiness. Flavor is almost mushroomy - like roasted mushrooms with lots of salt.
Cirrus cow/p WA, US Mt. Townsend Creamery's take on Camembert
Clarines, Fromagerie cow FR From the Franche-Comte. Soft runny cheese similar to Vacherin although a little milder. You can spoon it out of the box (it comes in a box) after you let it sit out for a while. Really creamy. Also called La Clarines or LaClarines.
Clisson goat FR From the Aquitaine region. The Tome cheeses are washed with sauternes during the aging process. The final semi-soft cheese has a orangeish rind and is cream colored with a delicate flavor. Very approachable and slightly salty.
Comte - reservation fruite montange 2000- cow FR AOC. A really large wheel of cheese. There are over 200 producers that Jean d'Alos buys from - 3 near Geneva. Harder cheese, golden with dark brown rind aged 1-2 years. Never eat the rind. One of Jack's faves.
Comte (badoz tunnel reserve) cow FR An aged Comte. Look for it! From the Jura region.
Comté (Comte) cow FR From Jura. You want the best aged and longest aged Comte you can find. More than likely that will be 1 – 1.5 years old. Look for 18 month old. Comte is better than the best Gruyere you can imagine.
Comte Reserve de Chalet cow/R FR This is aged Comte. This is what you are wishing for.
Cone de Port Aubry goat/r FR Herve Mons.  An amazingly complex cheese of raw goat's milk.
Coolea cow IRL Neal’s Yard. Made by the Willems in Macroom Co Cork. A gouda- like Irish cheese a little richer and fruiter than dutch goudas.
Cooleeney c/R&P IRL A brie/camembert style cheese with some runniness at room temperature.
Cornish Yarg with Nettles cow UK A golden yellow semi-hard cheese slightly crumbly in the core. A slightly tangy taste with a mushroomy flavor. Handmade the cheese is wrapped in local nettle leaves after pressing and brining. The rind has shades of white, green, grey and blue mold. Try with Boddingtons.
Cotswold cow ENG Joanne’s breakfast cheese  the staple of a ploughman’s lunch. A mild cheddar  (it’s double Gloucester) with onions and chives. Try it in scrambled eggs or with roast beef in a sandwich. Great with pickles. Yum.
Coulommiers cow FR Made near Camembert. Soft-ripened cheese. Beneath its bloomy, edible white rind it has an extra-rich, creamy body and strong flavor
Crater Lake cow OR, US From Central Point, OR. Made by Rogue Creamery. Aged 9 months. Salty medium blue flavor.
Cravanzina Robiola c-s IT Comes from Alta Langhe region near Asti in the southern Piedmont. It is a round, soft-ripened cheese, produced by hand from local milk. Best described as savory its texture is creamy beneath a thin, supple crust. Always serve this cheese at room. Unbeliveable matched with Maggie Beer's Blood Plum Paste.
Cravot cow IT A firm cheese with a brown crust - usually made from alpine goats or mixed goat/cow milk this one I believe was all cow. Buttery flavor with a hint of sharpness and a dry texture.  This one was an aged variety - Stagionata.
Crecenza cow CA, US A soft-ripened meltable cheese from Bellwether Dairy with no rind and which is spreadable. Made in traditional Italian square shapes, each cheese is one-inch thick, and weighs two to three pounds. Amazing melted with asparagus and morels.
Crockhamdale sheep/R UK Neal's Yard. Cheesemaker Victoria Tagg of Hurst Farm, in Crockham Hill in Kent.
Crucolo cow IT From the Trentino region of Northern Italy. The pate is pale yellow, and  is rich and creamy with a definite acidity and tang.
D’Affinois cow FR A triple cream which is our local grocery stores in Northen California Wine Country best selling cheese. It’s am industrial cheese. It’s a bit sweet and very creamy. It needs to be soft and runny to really show it’s colors but Joanne likes it a bit firmer and less aged. We don’t buy it any more as we are now onto Affidelice. Great for a party of non-fancy cheese people. I guarantee someone will ask you about it.
Daisy Cheddar cow CA, US From Vella Cheese. Medim white cheddar cheese.
Devon Oke cow/R ENG Made by Curworthy Cheese in Devon by Rachel Stevens to a 17th century recipe. It is a creamy (soft) textured cheese. Not that notable in flavor.
Doddington cow ENG Neal's Yard. Cheesemaker Maggie Maxwell at Doddington Dairy near Alnwick, Northumberland makes this hard raw cow's milk cheese.
Dunbarra cow/P IRL A soft cheese with brie and camembert-style characteristics with a bloomy rind.
Dunbarra with Garlic & Dill cow/P IRL A subtlely flavored brie style cheese.
Durrus cow/R IRL Neal's Yard. Made by Jeffa Gill on Sheep's Head Island.
Edel D'Cleron cow FR A washed-rind cheese made from a Vacherin recipe, but pasteurized. Available all year round, it is known as Faux Vacherin, as its creamy, almost runny texture is identical to the real thing. It is made in the Jura mountains.
Eldgennossen Kase cow/r CH A Caroline Hostettler Selection. From one of the smallest dairies in Switzerland. Aged 5-6 months. Creamy and sweet.
Epoisses cow FR Made by Berthaudt in Burgundy. A washed rind cheese – washed in marc de Bourgogne. It’s more pungent and more of everything than Affidelice but takes a stout nose and a cheese afficiando to appreciate. Look for round wooden boxed. Buy it whole and press the center lightly - it should be soft in the center. You want one that doesn’t look old (past its prime) but doesn’t look perfect. You want to see some age on the rind to indicate it’s ripeness. Probably Jack's favorite cheese. Joanne likes it young when it is more like Affidelice – which is called Epoisses Frais (fresh). “The king of Cheese.”
Erhaki sheep/p FR Pressed uncooked cheese. Also called Erhaki Tommette from Fromagerie Jean Faup in the mid-pyrenees.
Etorki sheep FR Semi-hard pressed cheese. Made from the milk of Manech sheep in the Basque region from Dec to July. As it ages 3-6 months it is brine soaked but in the end has a hard rind. Delicious fresh nutty flavor with a hint of olives. Definitely high in butterfat it has a creamy taste. Joanne *loved* it. Similar to Ossau-Iraty but not Artisan-made or AOC. Still it is hand-formed.
Evangeline goat AR, US This is a John Folse aged triple crème goat cheese. Named after Wadsworth poem, the snow white cheese is a tribute to her virtue.
Everona - Piedmont sheep/R VA, US Made by Dr. Pat Elliott in Rapidan VA. Her Piedmont-style cheese is nutty with notes of flowers and a buttery element. Salty finish, hard, gratable cheese. Dry almost crumbly with a floral/fruity finish. Elements of earth and mushrooms. Really lovely flavor. Hard not to eat it all in one sitting.
Ewe F-O sheep IT Firm sheep's milk made in Italy for Cypress Grove It has a natural rind which is rubbed with olive oil. The flavor is slightly nutty with some complexity and a fruity element. It's a harder cheese which is easily grateable.
Explorateur cow FR When ripe it is soft and almost starting to be runny.
Fiore Sardo Pinna sheep IT A flavored Pecorino from Sardegna.
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheddar cow/r CA, US Clothbound - made from raw milk from their own Holstein cows. From Modesto.
Fleur de Chevre goat CA, US Crottin from Redwod Hill. Fresh it has a springy white rind and a soft chalky interior with a fresh goaty flavor.
Fleur de Maquis sheep/R FR From Corsica. Like Brin D'amour.
Fleur Verte goat/p FR A fresh cheese smothered in herbs and pink peppercorns. Try with rose wines.
Flixin sheep SWZ Hard Cheese from Rolf Beeler. Rare to find.
Flower Marie sheep/R ENG A Neal's Yard Selection. Golden Cross Cheese Co. Greenacres Farm East Sussex. Runny at room temperature and delicious! Must buy again!! full fat soft ewe’s milk cheese.
Forsterkase cow CH see "Stanser Forsterkase"
Fougerous cow/P FR A version of Coulommiers, pasteurized milk is used in the export to US version. Identifiable by the fern leaf draped over the top. A party stopper. Fantastic mushroomy and nutty flavor. Make sure it sits out for a while before eating - it's fantastic runny.
Fourme au Maury cow/P FR A Blue cheese aged with Mas Amiel à Maury wine. From affineur Jacquy Canges.
Fourme D’Ambert cow FR First Blue cheese Jack actually liked.
Fourme de Rochefort cow FR A traditional cheese made for over 200 years. Farm cheese made from unpasteurized whole cow’s milk. Flavors of dried fruit, and good acidity with a definite milkiness. Ivory color, sem-hard and creamy. The rind is grey with brown blemishes.
Fragolino cow IT A Ubriaco style washed rind cheese - washed with Fragola wine.
Friesago sheep MN, US Shepherd’s Way Farm in Nerstrand. A mild slightly nutty, cheese  with a smooth flavor and a little grainyness. Comparable to Spanish Manchego or Parmesan in style. Pale gold in color. Made by Steven Read and Jodi Ohlsen Read.
Fumasion sheep FR From the Auvergne region. Brebis Smoked Aged Sheep Cheese from the Jura Mountain Range. Smoked in the same fashion as a sausage and has a deep, complex, flavor of hickory and ashes. Its texture is smooth and firm. Really great with Maggie Beer's Fig Paste.
Furiani sheep/r FR From Corsica. A washed rind cheese. Looks like Taleggio - an orange rind square cheese. Slightly sweet soft cheese with a tangy flavor - a bit salty. Buttery too. Artisanal.
Gabietou c-s FR Made by Gabriel Bachelet, a great cheesemaker in Pau in the Pyrenees. The cheese is dense and rich, with a fruity flavor.
Giglio Sardo sheep/r IT From Sardinia. A pecorino with a sweet nutty flavor. A firm gratable cheese.
Gour Noir goat FR Made in the village of Lapleau, Correze by the family Arnaud from milk of white Saanens goats. It is a little lozenge shaped cheese which tastes tangy like goat’s milk. The pate is slightly flakey so it is spreadable.
Grana Padano - Stravecchio Oro del Tempo cow IT Hard Grating Cheese. Equal or superior to Parmesan Reggiano.
Grand Marcel goat CA, US Aged Cheese from Pugs Leap in Healdsburg, CA.
Gratte Paille cow FR Soft creamy cheese. Tastes faintly mushroomy. High fat.
Grayson cow/r VA, CA Made by Meadowcreek Dairy in SW Virginia. Taleggio-like elements (which it is styled after). A yellow semi-soft washed rind cheese with a thin orange rind.
Great Hill Blue cow/r MA, US Made by Tim Hill at Great Hill Dairy in MA. Raw cow's milk and blue mold. Aged up to 1 yr. Spicy and rich.
Green Hill cow/P GA, US A soft-ripened cheese with a white, bloomy rind. Aged 3-6 weeks. It's rich, smooth and easy to eat - but not much distinguishing character.
Green Hill cow/p CA, US Rich double cream brie like cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy.
Green's Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheddar cow UK From the town of Glastonbury. A delightful cheddar which is hard to stop eating. Very balanced and complex. Green's of Glastonbury is a member of the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers.
Gris Vulcan cow FR Beillevaire, raw milk  see also Grise de Volcans
Grise des Volcans cow/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Grotte del Tufo sheep IT from Southern Tuscany. Tufo means limestone caves. A traditional pecorino style cheese. It is firm and a bit flakey with lot of complexity and a good amount of saltiness.
Gruyère (Gruyere) cow FR From Rolf Beeler. Made in the Jura Region.
Gubeen cow IRL Neal’s Yard. Made by Giana Fergueson in Co. Cork.
Guernsey cow/R WA, US Cheesemaker Sally Jackson wrapped in distinctive grape leaves or chestnut leaves.
Harbourne Blue goat ENG Neal’s Yard. One of the signature cheeses made by Robin Congdon.
Harvest Goat goat MA, US An aged cheese from Hillman Farms in Colrain, MA.
Haystack Boulder Chevre goat CO, US Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy in Longmount, CO produces this slightly chalky log. Not a lot of flavor on its own.
Herbiette goat/R FR From Nantes. Semi-soft creation is given a wondrous coat of herbs, much like Brin d'Amour (corsica) but with a different coating...the herbs include: thyme, savory, juniper, coriander, fennel and cayenne.
Hoch Ybrig cow CH from affineur Rolf Beeler. A mountain cheese made during the summer months washed in a white wine brine. The pate is slightly granular complex with a distinct nuttiness. Melts really well. Try with Riesling.
Holly Springs goat GA, US A pleasant hard cheese. Not too goaty. Pyrenees style. Good texture.
Hooligan cow/p CT, US Strong, creamy cheese  with a orange washed-rind. Moderately stinky, with a soft creamy smooth texture. Made with Jersey milk. Bathed twice a week in a mixture of buttermilk and brine. Melts beautifully.
Humboldt Fog goat CA, US Cypress Grove's Humboldt County cheese is named for the morning fog. It's in the style of the French Morbier with a line of ash running through the center.
Ibores goat SP Dry. Chalky feeling. Spicy acidic finish (like Appenzeller).
Il Caprino del Piemonte goat IT From Piedmonte. A rustic spreadable traditional goat cheese from the mountains of the region.
Island Stream sheep/p NZ A pecorino style cheese. White pate.Very mild. Made by Whitestone.
Isle of Mull Cheddar cow SCOT Made by Jeff Reade. Cows fed hops in Winter. Aged in the Tobermory Distillery on an island off the west coast of Scotland. (Jack's been there!)
Jean Grogne cow FR Triple crème. Creamy and rich. Bloomy rind. Mushroomy but delicate  with a sight bitterness on the finish.
Just Jack cow WA Beecher's. A nice creamy Jack cheese.
La Biquet Poivre goat CAN A pepper coated Fresh chevre from Fromagerie Tournevent in Quebec Canada. Fresh tangy cheese nicely balances with a fresh pepper coating. Joanne liked this one!
La Carre de Pere Antoine Mirabelle cow FR Affine with eau de vie of Mirabelle plums. From the Fromagerie de L'Abbaye.
La Leyenda sheep/R SP Comte-like with a sticky Brandy-washed rind with embedded dried herbs. It has a floral fruity aroma and a multi-dimensional fruity flavor.
La Pierre Doree goat/r FR Means "golden stone".  Pate has a scent of fresh salted butter, and salt. Very clean buttery fragrance with a hint of animal. The cheese has a chalky surface
La Serena sheep SP From Estremadura. Sheep’s milk when ripe is runny and soft in the center and divine. Try with Shiraz.
La Tur c-g-s IT From Alta Lange. Made from a blend of pasteurized cow, goat & sheep's milk
La Yerbera goat SP Coated with crushed almonds. It has a woodsy, earthy appealing aroma plus a slightly nutty flavor with a sharp but pleasant finish
Largo cow CA, US An aged triple crème cheese from Andante Dairy in Santa Rosa. They say it is comparable to La Bouille from Haute-Normandie. We say it is firm, nutty and divine.
Laruns sheep FR A fermier cheese from the Pyreenees. Salty harder texture but still soft. A large hard rind cheese.
Le Chevrot goat FR From Poitou-Charentes an aged goat cheese which is small and round. Depending on it's age the center will have a white chalky consistency while the area closer to the rind has more pronounced flavor. Great for spreading on bread. It is a popular choice.
Le Coeur d'alvignac goat FR Heart Shaped cheese. Packaged with Rose petal jam for Valentine's day. Made by Les Gariottes in Alvignac, France. A soft-ripened cheese with a mild flavor and saltiness which the sweetness of jam balances.
Le Grain D'Orge cow FR From Normandy. Affine au Calvados.
Le Vache de Chalais cow FR Thermalized cow's milk. Made in Dauphiné.  A little natural rind cow's milk cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves.
Le Welsche cow/P FR Washed with Marc de Gewurtztraminer - An Alsatian munster like soft cheese with a washed rind made by Haxaire.
Lemon Quark cow CA, US From Spring Hill Jersey in Petaluma. Fluffly quark with a slight bitterness on finish infused with a delicate lemon flavor. Nice with fruit. They also make a plain flavor.
Leonora goat SP from Miticia. Cheese made from pure alpine goat's milk. Made in Leon, Spain.
Les Levezou sheep FR A pale gold hard rind cheese from the Basque.
Lincolnshire Poacher cow UK Neal’s Yard. Made from Holstein unpasteurised milk.
Livarot cow FR Look for one that's Raffia wrapped.
Livingston Gold cow/p NZ A cheddar-esque cheese. Very mild. Made by Whitestone.
Llangloffan cow Wales Made by Leon & Joan Downey in Castle Morris near Fishguard. Two time Winner of Best Welsh Cheese.
Lord of the Hundreds sheep/R ENG A hard aged ewe's milk cheese. Tastes vaguely like a cross between cheddar and pyrenees sheep. Nutty.
Lyburn Gold cow UK Fine Cheese Co. A mild - medium semi-soft cheese with a nice nutty flavor and slightly buttery element. Melts nicely.
Maccagno cow IT From Central Italy. Aged on Silver fir leaves.
Mad River Roll cow CA, US A 3" diameter ripened log of goat cheese. It gets richer and creamier near the center. Named for the Mad River. Usually sold sliced into a round.
Mahon cow SP From the most northerly of the Balearic Islands in Spain. Versatile, pressed uncooked cheese. Grateable. Mild pleasant subtle flavor.
Manchego sheep SP A great spanish cheese - hard, slightly salty. Very easy to find. Can be melted and grated. Great with fig or quince paste. Look for longer aged versions (more than 3 months) From La Mancha.
Marco Polo cow WA, US from Beechers. This Cheddar/Gruyere combo style cheese (Flagship) contains madagascar green peppercorns which gives it a great flavor.
Mascaret g-s FR Small square wrapped in dried chestnut leaves eat inside first before trying rind. nice spicy fall flavor but drier curd with heavier texture white rind. From Provence.
Medora sheep IT From Sardinia. Similar to Pecorino. Dryer and tastes of salt and minerals almost flinty. Grateable.
Metronome c-g/p CA, US From Andante Dairy. In the shape of an assymetric pyramid (a metronome shape). Thin mold rind with a creamy white interior. Turns slightly runny near the rind with room temp or age.
Midnight Moon goat CA, US Cypress Grove aged 1 year chevre
Mimolette cow FR A bright orange aged gouda with fantastic crunchy protein crystals in it. Fabulous taste.
Minuet goat* CA, US A wonderful triple crème goat cheese from Andante Dairy in Santa Rosa. which is enriched with cow's milk crème fraiche from Kendall Farms.
Miticrema sheep SP A spreadable sheep's milk cheese that resembles cream cheese. Acidic - needs to be paired with preserves or ripe fruit or honey! But refreshing and complex.
Moncenisio IT see Bleu de Moncenisio
Mont des Cats cow FR Abbaye de Mont des Cats. A washed rind cheese. Try it in the morning with coffee.
Monte Cristo sheep/p NZ Black wax wrapped pure white semi-soft cheese. Mild. The favorite of the 3 tried from Whitestone.
Monte Enebro goat SP Full–flavored and slightly salty with a goaty aroma. The white paste is surrounded by a more transluscent ring under the ashen colored rind. The cheese is obolong.
Montrachet goat FR Burgundy. This is a hand-crafted artisanal Montrachet (there are industrial versions as well). A cylindrical mold rinded cheese which wrapped with a chestnut leaf (green or brown) and tied with raffia. It has good acids, with a clean flavor and hint of earth – generally clean and bright and not at all goaty. The rind is soft with mottled blue and white molds.
MouCo Rouge cow CO, US A natural rind cheese made from pasteurized Jersey and Holstein milk in Ft. Collins. The cheese is soft and creamy with a bit of spicyness.
Mozzarella di Capra goat IA, US From Green Glade. Very white and firm and salty. A small round ball of fresh goat's milk mozzarella. Quite dense and goaty.
Mrs. Appleby’s Cheshire cow ENG Neal’s Yard selection. Applebys have made Cheshire for generations...Mrs. Appleby is in her 70s.
Mt. Tam cow CA Cowgirl Creamery triple cream named after the local mountain. Made with milk from Straus Family Creamery.
Muenster cow FR Real Muenster tastes nothing like the sandwich slice. Look for it labeled "Alsatian Muenster" and try it with an Alsatian wine! (Jack eats this one once-a-month or so.)
Murcia al Vino goat SP From Southeastern Spain. Pressed paste, washed, not cooked. Intense white color. During ripening, the cheese is bathed in red wine twice, giving the rind a red wine/violet color and imparting a strong floral aroma and flavor.
Nantucket goat NY, US Coach Farms fresh goat. We had the pepper coated version. It is chalky but doesn't have a lot of flavor. Ok but will not seek out again.
Nata Cantabria cow/p SP From Northern Spain. Also known as Queso de Cantabria or queso de nata. A soft cheese aged usually for 2-8 weeks. It has a flat and waxy bright yellow rind. The pate is solid and pale yellow color and had a mild creamy buttery flavor. It is meltable.
Nevat goat SP Made in Can Pujol. Nevat means snowed in Catalan. It's a soft, ripened goat cheese hand formed into a mountain shape. Really interesting.
Nicolau Farms Chevre goat CA, US chalky goaty fresh goat cheese.
Nocturne cow CA, US One of Andante Dairy's cow's milk cheeses. Creamy and when slightly aged a bit runny in the center. Really wonderful. Made in Santa Rosa.
Northern Gold cow CA, US From Pedrozo Dairy in Orland, California a hard seasonally changing cheese made from milk of pastured raised cows. A semi-hard cheese burnished to the color of freshly churned butter, Northern Gold is smooth and rich with a finishing twang of refreshing fruitiness.
O'Banon goat IN, US Wrapped in bourbon soaked chestnut leaves.
Oka cow/r CAN Recipe orginated with Benedictine monks of Brittany (FR). The monks moved to Oka - a village just outside Montreal, Quebec. The cheese today is made under license from the monks by Agropur - one of Canada's largest dairies but it is still aged for 2 months in the monk's cellar. It is comparable to Port Salut - but also has some washed rind interesting characteristics. Jack liked it!
Old Chatham Shepherd's Wheel sheep NY, US Made by Old Chatham Sheepherding. Downy white rind with a smooth creamy interior.
Old Wick sheep NJ, US Made by Valley Shepherd Farm. Aged 6 mos.
Otentique goat/r OR, US From Juniper Grove. A small cheese with a natural, wrinkled rind, and pleasantly dry texture. Its taste is mild, slightly chalky,
Panache d'Aramits sheep FR Dense texture and a smooth, nutty flavor from the Pyrenees.
Pantaleo goat IT From Sardinia. Aged 3 months. A semi hard goat with grassy notes. Good acids on finish almost citrus. Does not taste goaty at all.
Parrano Robusto cow NL See Robusto.
Pata de Mulo sheep SP "mule's leg" is flat on one side with a rough surface produced by rolling the curd by hand in a cloth. It is a slightly acidic and salty Spanish cheese from the Northern Castille-Leon Region.
Pave Sauvage goat FR Isigny St. Mere. Fabulously creamy fresh goat. Not too goaty.
Pecorino Foglie di Noci sheep IT Wrapped in walnut leaves. As walnut leaves are available only twice a year this cheese is seasonal. Wonderful nutty flavor. Slightly smokey flavor. Also noted the name as Pecorino in Foja di Noce. Made in Carpegna.
Pecorino Ginepro sheep IT Aged w/Juniper & Balsamico from Tuscany.
Pee Wee Pyramid goat CA, US From Cypress Grove. A small pyramid which is smooth and creamy with a light acidic mild goat flavor and a mushroomy element. Chalky in the center and more runny near the rind as it ages. Try with a dry red Dolcetto or Merlot or even beer.
Pentu de L'Etang goat/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Pepato sheep/r CA, US Made by Bellwether in Petaluma, CA. Raw sheep's milk with tellicherry peppercorns. Semi-hard with nutty and citrusy flavors. Try with Pinot Noir.
Perail sheep FR From Causses du Larzac. Primeval sheep Country. Not good with sauvignon blanc small-med round white rind
Perdido cow AL, US Made by Sweet Home Farm in Elberta. Aged 7 months. Golden yellow color with a line of ash down the center. Fantastic with Fig Jam.
Persillé de Tignes goat FR Savoie. Hand crafted semi-hard raw goat's milk cheese from the Pyrenees (Savoie/Rhone-Alps) region of France.  It has a crumbly, tangy texture that becomes creamier as it ages. It occasionally develops a natural blue flavor.
Petit Fiance des Pyrenees goat FR From the Pyrenees. Reblochon style chevre. Pressed whitish/ivory cheese. It has an appealing flavor with some saltiness. Try serving with a fruit chutney in thin slices.
Petit Marcel goat CA, US Fresh goat round from Pugs Leap in Healdsburg, CA.
Piave - Aged (Stravecchio/Vecchio) cow IT This is wonderful aged hard cheese with a nutty flavor and a great mouthfeel. The Stravecchio is the oldest version. It goes great with Prosecco.
Picolo cow CA, US A cow's milk triple crème cheese from Andante Dairy in Santa Rosa, which is enriched with Crème Fraiche from Kendall Farms. Slightly nutty flavor. Great with full flavored fruity reds.
Pierce Pt. cow CA, US Cowgirl Creamery's fall & winter cheese. Made from Straus Organic Dairy's milk and washed in Muscato then rolled in local dried herbs.
Pitchounet sheep FR A farmer in the Parc des Grands-Causses region of France (mid-pyreenes/haut garonne region) has been producing this cheese for over 20 years from a handed down recipe. The pate of the cheese is really white. It has a firm rind. Pitchouet has a delicate almost mushroomy flavor with minerally elements. The cheese is semi-firm with little holes.
Pitxun sheep FR Artisan Basque. Very Hard. Aged like Pecorino.
Pleasant Ridge Reserve cow/R WI, CA Upland Cheese's washed rind, raw cow's milk cheese. It is a hard cheese in the spirit of Alpine cheese.
Poudre Puff cow CO, US The Johnsons at Bingham Hill Cheese in Ft. Collins, make these wonderful puffs of pasteurized double cream.
Pozo Tomme sheep/r CA, US From Rinconada Dairy. A pressed raw milk cheese which is aged for a minimum of two months. It has a natural rind and weighs about 5-6 pounds. Flavors are nutty and rich.
Pug's Leap Chevre goat CA, US New Farmhouse goat cheese from Healdsburg. Sold in fresh or 1 week old buttons 2-3oz. Slightly sour, cakey texture, not a lot of character.
Purple Haze goat CA, US Awesome goat chevre flavored with fennel pollen and lavender. Creamy with a great light texture. Spreadable. Added flavors enhance rather than overwhelm. Highly Recommended.
Pyrenees sheep FR Semi soft pate. Nutty and buttery. Smooth.
Queso de Mano goat/r CO, US Made by Haystack in Longmont, CO. Aged for a minimum of 4 months has a white interior and a nutty flavor with hints of herbal. Lot of saltiness with a dry tangy finish and a goaty element.
Quicke's Farmhouse Cheddar cow UK Mary Quicke's farmhouse cheese made in Devon, England. Clothbound in cloth, with a spicy almost caramel flavored cheddary pate. Rustic with lots of complexity. Try with stout or ale or lighter red wines.
Ramato Cuvee cow IT Semi-soft, washed rind cheese from the Treviso in the Veneto region. The cheese is washed with Hy Cuvee Belgian ale, and aged 90 days. Mildly pungent with a pliant, earthy taste.
Raschera d’Alpeggio c-g-s IT Mixed milk from Piedmonte region.  A traditional cheese from around the valleys of Mondovi. The d'Alpeggio designation means it comes from alpine pastures rather than flatland. The semi-soft pate is creamy colored with some tiny holes throughout. Flavors include hints of straw and a slight bitterness of buttermilk-like flavors. The pate has
Reblochon cow FR AOC. Artisan made look for green mark on bottom - white wine smooth golden cream with dark orange gold rind
Red Cloud goat/r CO, US A small aged washed rind goat cheese made in Boulder by Haystack. Cream colored cheese with a red/gold rind. Salty with a mellow flavor. An interesting diversion.
Red Hawk cow CA, US Jack's favorite Cowgirl Creamery Cheese. Made from milk from Straus Family Creamery. A triple cream washed-rind cheese. Named after it's orangish colored rind. One of the absolute best US-made cheeses.
Red Leicester cow ENG Hard slightly flakey traditonal cheese with a distinctive red-orange color. Grateable and Cheddar-like but with a slight sweetness. Makes fantastic grilled cheese. Has almost a butterscotch flavor.
Red Spruce (Cheddar) cow/p WI, US From Roth Kase. They make 4, 5, & 7 year. We tried the 7 year cheddar.
Regal de Bourgogne cow/p FR Soft cow's milk cheese covered in white raisins which have been soaked in Eau de mirabelle (plum brandy) A dessert in itself - it is made even more fantastic spread on walnut bread.
Ricotta Dura Stagionata Sheep IT Aged sheep's milk ricotta. Pietra del Sale. Lucana. Made in Avigliano.
Riesling x Sylvaner cow GER Rolf Beeler selection Rawmilchkase  in Wein Weichkase – Bon Cas -
Robiola Castagna DOP g-c-s IT Wrapped in chestnut leaves.
Robiola di Capra Langarola goat IT Crumbly and creamy goat's milk cheese. Meltable. Interesting flavor. Try with Italian whites or Prosecco.
Robiola Di Roccaverano Castagno goat IT Made in Liguria. Roccaverano is the type of goat.
Robiola Sapore di Bosco cow/P IT Made in the Central Alps by Arrigoni. A washed rind cheese aged 50-60 days. Made from the milk of brown alpine cows. A fresh fruity flavor with a pungent nose when aged.
Robiola Vecchia Valsassina cow IT Valsassina is a region in Lombardy  This cheese is young (unaged) Taleggio from this region - aka Robiola. It is square with a pinkish rind and some green mold.
Robiola Vecchia Valsassina cow/p IT Impt by Fresca Italia. A Guffanti selection. A variety of Taleggio in a smaller size - it matures more quickly. Also called Valsassina Robiola.
Robusto cow NL aka Parrano Robusto. An aged gouda with caramel notes and protein crystals but less salty than others and more buttery. Made for the Italian market by a Dutch company. Melts well.
Rocchetta g-c-s IT From Alta Langhe. Three milk, soft cheese. Runny at room temp. A creamy cheese like Robiola with a honeyesque sweetness. Needs bread. Good! Try again!
Roccolo cow IT Arrigoni Valtaleggio. An aged Washed rind cheese rubbed with salt water brine. Try with wines you might drink with seafood - sauvignon blanc, white burgundy.
Roncal sheep/r SP Hard gray or dark yellow rind. Semi-soft yellow/golden pate. Tastes of mushrooms and straw with a buttery consistency and a bit of fruitiness. One time it was great, another just good.
Rondo c-gt/p CA, US From Andante Dairy in Santa Rosa. A small round topped with herbes de provence and pink peppercorns from Andante Dairy. The peppercorns adds a great dimension to this cheese which can have almost a liquid center when it has enough age.
Roomano cow NL An aged gouda made with skimmed milk.
Roquefort sheep/R FR AOC. Carles is one of the five producers of this cheese. It is a white slightly moist but crumbly blue veined cheese with a sharp tang.
Rouge et Noir cow CA, US Made by the Marin French Cheese Co. in Petaluma. An award winning Brie style cheese. We're not huge fans but it's considered excellent by the critics. It has more butterfat than French Brie and is  made from pasteurized milk.
Saenkanter cow NL Aged Gouda from Holland. Caramel flavors and big crunchy protein crystals. Yum.
Salers cow FR From Cantal. Raw and whole milk from summer grazing cows.
San Simon cow SP Smoked over Abedul wood. From Galicia.
Sancerre goat FR Small goat cheese with a natural rind from the Loire Valley - I would guess Sancerre. It was mildy goat and creamy and very balanced.
Sapore Estivo cow IT Herbs are rubbed on the the cheese to impart a mild herbal flavor. From the Veneto region.
Sapori Di Anglona Bianco Nuraghe sheep IT From Sardinia. An Organic pecorino style cheese made with calf’s rennet. It’s almost flakey looking with a tremendous flavor. Buttery slightly salty with a an amazing creamy almost spicy finish. Delicious!
Sara's  Nevat goat SP Made by Josep Cuixart in Catalonia and named after his daughter. Nevat means snowy. This snowy rinded cheese has a mushroomy and very faintly goat flavor - it's high in butterfat and divine at room temperature.
Saumur goat FR AOC. From the Loire.
Sauvageon g-c/p FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Seastack cow/p WA, US from Mt. Townsend Creamery. Ripened with an ashen coating and dusted with sea salt. Loosely based on Chaource.
Seelander cow/r CH An alpine washed-rind raw cow's milk cheese. The pate is nutty and smooth but also has a fruitiness and complexity from the washed rind.
Selles sur Cher goat FR AOC. A thick disk with an ash covering which has a blue tint. The paste of the Selles sur Cher is pure white.  It can be chalky when young or runny when aged.
Serenita cow/R CA, US Three Sister's Jersey milk farmstead cheese made in Lindsay. Slightly Cheddar like with a golden lighter complexity - almost a swiss cheese like finish. Slightly salty finish.
Serpa sheep/r PT A traditional cheese from the Alentejo region of Portugal. Made only from Merino sheep milk. Yellow colored rind with smooth rich pate which has a sprinkle of holes and a grassy/herbal nature and a slight sweetness. Rind is rubbed with olive oil. Often is wrapped in a white linen cloth.
Serra Da Estrela sheep PT From Portugal. Bandage wrapped. Cheese is made with cardoon thistles rennet. One of Jack’s favorites. Runny when young, gets firmer with age.
SF Drake cow? CA, US A special hard to get cheese from Cowgirl Creamery…. Update - it's available again Oct 2005!
Sharpham Rustic cow UK A Fine Cheese Co Cheese. Made by Debbie Mumford from unpasteurized Jersey milk. It has a white rind and is chalky in the center but soft at the rind. The cheese has nutty silky buttery flavor with elements of a triple-crème
Smokey Blue cow/r OR From the Rogue Creamery, in Central Point, OR.  A traditional hand-made blue cheese which is smoked overnight in hazelnut shells. The Cheese has a sweet nutty flavor and is a great blue cheese for non-blue eaters to try. We really liked it!
Sot la Trape cow IT From Friuli Venezia Giulia. Grape-must covered cheese which gives it a violet rind and interesting pineapple-like flavor.
Soumaintrain cow/r FR This one from affineur Herve Mons (raw milk). It is a washed rind cheese in the stinky category with a creamy yellow pate which will run at room temperature and an orange rind. It is round and usually comes in a wooden round box. Both earthy and grassy flavors combine in this highly aromatic cheese which is not to everyone's taste.
St Andrea cow IT Semi-hard cheese with a complex spicy flavor made in Fruili. Salty. Comte-like but softer. Really good! From Latteria St. Andrea - A Guffanti selection.
St Drean cow FR Auvergne. Also known as Le Drean or Le St Drean. A small tomme with a gray and yellow mold speckled rind. Like a cross between Tomme de Savoie and St Nectaire. Has a hazelnut and buttery flavor. Smells like an old wet cellar and straw.
St Felicin cows FR Made near Grenoble. Salty, soft creamy, round medium small the rind has blueflecks that are okay to eat but the rind changes the flavor. good with sauvignon blanc. Jack liked!
St. Blaise Grand Modele sheep/r FR From the Perigord region. Washed rind. Dense creamy and nutty flavored cheese. Edible rind. Herve Mons Selection.
St. George cow CA, US Joe Matos and his wife handcrafted cheese from the milk of their small Santa Rosa, CA herd of cows to make a Portuguese style cheese named after Sao Jorge where they were born. It's made from heat treated but unpasteurized milk. The cheese is slightly cheddar-like with a bit of a bite to it and a richness but it has an unusual flavor element which makes it unlike cheddar. The pate is creamy colored with tiny holes.
St. Nectaire cow FR Pasteurized cow's milk from Auvergne.
St. Pat cow CA, US Cowgirl Creamery seasonal cheese in Spring. Wrapped with nettles. Made with Straus Family Creamery organic milk. Excellent!
Stanser Fladä cow CH A Vacherin-style cheese from Joseph (Josef) Barmettler. Soft, creamy spoonable at room temp. Stinky smelling but not strongly flavored. Also known as Chua Fladä.
Stanser Forsterkase cow CH Rolf Beeler. Made by Joseph Barmettler. A Washed Rind cheese wrapped in fir bark . also called "Forsterkase"
Stanser Schafkase (Stanser Schafchäs) sheep CH From Rolf Beeler. Sheep's milk Swiss cheese are unusual. Semi hard but firm with grassy notes. Smooth flavor, slightly stinky and almost slightly spicy. From the Canton de Schwitz region.
Stilton cow UK This one from Colton Bassett and selected by Neal's yard. A blue veined aged cow's milk with a strong and distinctive flavor. Best in the Fall.
Sugarbush Cheddar cow VT, US In Woodstock, VT. We’ve tried the Mellow and Aged Sharp. Coated in wax it’s smooth and creamy aged 6-10 months.
Sybil goat CA, US Goat's Leap in St. Helena.  This was the fresher version wrapped in fig leaves. The cheese has a chalky texture and delightful fresh flavor. Buy again!
Taleggio cow IT From Lombardy. Becoming commonplace but still wonderful. A stinky cheese with no stinky flavor. Washed Rind. Look for softness and a bit of runnyness in cut cheeses. A chalky firm center shows that it’s not ripe. Quality varies widely.
Teleme cow/p CA, US From Frank Peluso. The package version is Milky slightly crumbly and almost chalky. The rinded version can be runny at room temperature.
Tenerella - La Perla Del Messere cow IT From Tuscany. Literally "Tenderheart" A fresh mozzarella bag is filled with ricotta cheese and a dollop of cream. Yum. A rare find as it has to be airshipped from Italy and has a short shelf-life.
Thomasville Tomme cow GA, US A Pyrenees style hard cheese with a nutty flavor. Slight tannic bite reminescent of Cheshire.
Ticklemore goat ENG Neal’s Yard. Made by Robin Congden from South Devon.
Timanoix cow/p FR From Aquitaine. Washed in Walnut brandy which gives it a distinctive nuttiness. Try with Sherry.
Tome de Chalosse cow FR Chalosse, Aquitaine, France. Washed rind pressed uncooked cheese. Good with red wine.
Tome de Recollets g-c FR From the Loire. Sauternes washed rind, herb and spice crusted.
Tome de Savoie cow/R FR Mild cheese from Haute-Savoie. Has tiny whole. Semi-hard texture and nutty flavor. Also called Tomme de Baudonnes.
Tome de Villetritouls sheep/R FR From Langeudoc. Mild Complex cheese that is slightly cheddar-like in flavor.
Tome de Yenne cow/r FR see Tommette de Yenne.
Tome du Couserans cow/R FR Pyreenes semi-soft buttery cheese. Made in Bethmale. Mild nutty flavor strong but good liked it w/white wine most like meunster it has holes and is a harder creamy cheese with a pungent flavor.
Tomette cow FR Schmidhauser. From Savoie. A semi soft cheese with a buttery and slightly nutty element.
Tomette des Corbieres sheep/R FR Jean d'Alos. From the Languedoc. Small, hexagonal yellow cheese.
Tomino da Padella cow IT From Langhe. A small soft mild bloomy rind cheese with almost a slight sweetness. Very creamy.
Tomme Crayeuse cow FR Rich and creamy cheese with a whitish pate. Don't eat the rind.
Tomme de Baudonnes cow/R FR Mild cheese from Haute-Savoie. Has tiny holes in the paste. Semi-hard texture and nutty flavor. Also called Tome de Savoie.
Tomme de Chataigneraie goat/t FR From Puy-de-Dome in Auveryne. Aged up to 7 months by Herve Mons. Chataigneraie means chestnut grove - the goats are put to pasture in a chestnut grove. The cheese is pressed and uncooked. (it's even aged on chestnut planks) It has a grayish rind and a cream colored smooth pate. It looks similar to St. Nectaire but has a distinctive almost foresty flavor - some describe as roasted chestnuts. We liked it alot.
Tomme de Lucciana sheep/r FR Herve Mons. An aged bloomy rind raw sheeps milk cheese from Corsica. The rind is hard.
Tomme de Templiers goat FR A Selection of Herve Mons. From Haut-Garonne. Pressed and raw. A mild tasting cheese with a firm natural rind (brine brushed). Tastes of light colored nuts and straw. Pleasant.
Tommette de Yenne cow/r FR From Rhones-Alpes. Hard whitish gray thick rind. Golden creamy yellow pate. Has notes of comte but more buttery. Semi-hard firm cheese (not grateable) almost a chalky finish with hints of roasted vegetables. A hearty element. Try pairing with an ale and dried fruit (like figs) Great lunch cheese. Might work in a panini. Really likeable.
Tommette Morgee au Seyseel c/g/r FR Herve Mons. From Haut Savoie.A small round of pressed, pate that is washed in the local fruity white wine, Seyssel. Similar to Tomme de Berger. Soft, savory and fruity.
Tornegus cow/r UK Duckett's Caerphilly marinated in herbs, brine and wine from Kent. Made by James Aldridge in Godstone in Surrey. Spicy flavor. Semi-hard -Washed rind.
Torta Ambrose cow IT A mild washed rind cheese with a creamy pate. Try with Champagne.
Torta del Casar sheep SP It is produced in a small artisan dairy in the southwestern town of Almoharín, Casar de Cáceres (Extremadura) from raw merino sheep’s milk. Described as soft, whitish paste with a few holes or thick, molten, porridge-like paste that has to be eaten with a spoon. They use vegetable rennet from the cardoon thistle (in this case – nettles) to coagulate the raw milk.
Tourmalet sheep FR From the Pyrenees. Named after a mountain where it is produced. The hard cheese has a rustic spicy flavor and aroma. Aged about 1 mo. A hit at one of our dinner party's and a favorite of Joanne's.
Toussaint cow/p NY, US From Sprout Creek Dairy in the Hudson River Valley. A firm cheese with a bit of sharpness and long finish. Very likeable.
Trailhead cow/p WA, US from Mt. Townsend Creamery. A mountain-style tomme. Like Cantal or Comte.
Tronchetto di Capra al Miele goat IT Soft rindless goat cheese flavored with honey
Tronchon g-c-s SP A mixed milk cheese from Spain with a white paste (creamy white) and no rind. It has a slightly sour aroma.
Tupi de Sort cow/sh SP A standard in the diet of Catalán shepherds. Cheese is softened with olive oil and Aguardiente liqueur then left to ferment. The one we tried was cow's milk. The cheese has a strong flavor (like Romano?) and is best served in or with something (like on pasta or with tomato sauce or a fruit paste).
Two Rock goat CA, US DeBernardi Dairy in petaluma make small quanities of this raw goat's milk cheese. There is a 1 year and a 4 mo version currently (2006). It is tangy and rich - and not at all goaty. With a great complexity. It is reminescent of a mountain cheese.
Ubriaco all biarra rossa cow/r IT From mitica - raw milk cow's cheese washed with red beer from the Veneto region.
Ubriaco allo schioppettino cow IT Also called Sot la Trape. Grape-must covered cheese which gives it a violet rind and interesting pineapple-like flavor. From Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Vacherin du Jura cow FR Similar to the Mont d'Or in that it's wrapped in spruce bark and is quite aromatic - but made from pasteurized milk.
Vacherin Mont D’Or cow FR Winter cheese wrapped in spruce bark (Gruyere is made in the summer months). A high fat creamy soft cheese. Cheese spoonable at room temperature
Valdeon cow SP A Spanish blue cheese from Castille-Leon. Sometimes sold as Calabres but is much milder. It's wrapped in chestnut leaves.
Valencay goat FR A 4 sided, flat topped pyramid made from raw goat milk. Natural bloomy rind over an  ash coating ripens for about 4+weeks. Paste is creamy and slightly goaty. Chalky.
Vera Pagliettina g-c-s IT From Piedmonte. Soft smooth oozing cheese with a thin rind. Earthy taste. Eat young.
Vieux Lille cow/r FR From Pascal Beillevaire
Vlaskaas cow NL Historically, produced for the Flemish harvest festival. A mild creamy golden colored semi-hard cheese with a purple rind. Similar to Gouda but slightly richer and creamier. The one we enjoyed was from Beemster.
Walder cow/r AU Soft and firm with pea-sized holes. Mild flavor with fruity notes. Made by Alma Cheesemaking Company of Vorarlberg, Austria. Tastes like a creamier Appenzeller or Gruyere. Ripened for a minimum of 140 days. Made by only a few dairies at the Bregenzerwald.
Wildmannli cow CH A Beeler's selection. A tomme-style cheese. Rich and complex. A semi-soft with an really interesting flavor almost flowery notes. A suggestion of saffron.
Winchester Gouda -Super Aged cow/p CA, US Boere Kaas -(Farm-made) by Winchester Cheese. This 1+ year old aged gouda is slightly bitter in the center with an acid tang and sharpness on the finish.
Winnemere cow/r VT, US A new washed rind cheese from Jasper Hill wrapped in spruce bark like Vacherin.
Wyfe of Bath cow/R ENG The Fine Cheese Company UK. Gouda-style.
Zamarano sheep SP A spanish dry sheep's milk cheese with hints of caramel and flint. Grateable. Similar to Manchego but with a smoother texture.