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US Cheesemakers, er, Cheese Makers

When I started compiling this list, I was floored by the number of artisan cheese makers in the US. Many of the descriptions are straight from the cheesemaker's website or paraphrased from information found there. Most (but not all) of the companies listed here are artisan producers. For your convience, we link to Cheese by Hand's profiles. Sources for raw milk are also listed. This list is, of course, incomplete, but is expanded regularly.

We are now actively updating this list in 2019. If you know of a cheese maker that should be listed here, please send me an email and I’ll make sure they are on the to-add list. - Joanne


Achadinha - Begun in 2004 by Jim and Donna Pacheco (now the cheesemaker) of Pacheco Family Dairy in Petaluma, CA. In February, the goats eat spent beer grain and pasture on beautiful green grass. Look for their two cheeses made from Pacheco Family Dairy Goat milk: Broncha and Capricious.

Alpine Lakes Sheep Cheese - in WA, they make sheep's milk cheese from their motley crew of East Friesien and Lacone crosses of sheep. They make four raw sheep's milk farmstead cheeses: Camembert, Mountain Tomme, Ottonese and Creamy Bleu.

Alsea Acre Goat Cheese - in Alsea, OR makes fresh chevre.

Amaltheia Dairy - Belgrade, MT. Cheese by Hand's profile

Ancient Heritage Dairy - in Scio, OR

Andante Dairy - Soyoung Scanlan makes hard and soft cheeses in Petaluma, CA from pure Jersey cow's milk and goat's milk. Cow's Milk: Nocturne, Pianoforte and Cadenza. Mixed Milk: Mélange, Rondo and Metronome. Goat's Milk: Adagio, Acapella and Figaro. Triple Crème: Minuet, Picolo and Largo.

Appel Farms - located in Ferndale, WA. Their dairy has over 300 cows and they practice sustainable farming. They make cheddar (and cheddar curd), feta, fromage blanc, gouda, paneer and quark.

Appleton Creamery - Brad, Caitlin and Fiona Hunter make artisan goat and Sheep Cheese in Appleton, ME. They make Chevre, Feta (and in oil), Crofters Cheese Caprino di Vino (aged goat cheese soaked in Winterport’s Blueberry wine), St. George Blue (goat & sheep milk), Scarborough Faire (fresh sheep cheese with fresh herbs), BreBrie (bloomy rind sheep cheese -brie-style), and Georges Highland (a complex aged, raw milk sheep cheese).

Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese in Gooding, ID, makes cheddar cheese and cheese curds (squeaky cheese) in small, handmade batches. They use milk from their own small herd of Jersey cows. They offer: Baby Cheddar, Ballard's Darn Good Cheese, Idaho White Cheddar and Hot & Spicy Pepper Cheddar as well as a variety of flavored cheese curds.

Beaver Brook Farm is a 175 acre sheep and cow farm in Lyme, CT's Pleasant Valley.  Stan and Suzanne Sankow have over 600 sheep from which they produce cheese, lamb and wool. From sheep's milk they make aged natural rind cheeses: Pleasant Valley Cheese, Shepherd Cheese and Farmstead Cheese. They also make fresh sheep:  Cracked Peppercorn Cheese, Summer Savory cheese, Ricotta, Feta and Yogurt. Beaver Brook also makes Jersey Cow's Milk Aged Cheese from pasteurized milk: Nehantic Abbey Cheese, Pleasant Cow Cheese, Camembert and Feta Cheese. They also offer chocolate and vanilla Ice Cream and Jersey milk Yogurt. They are also a source for Raw Milk.

Bedrock Farm - Fort Edward, NY

Beecher's Handmade Cheese - Seattle, WA.

Berkshire Blue Cheese Company - They make hand-made raw-milk blue cheese from Jersey milk. Berkshire Blue cheese was developed over a period of 12 years in Somerset England by A. Duffield, then proprietor of the Willett Dairy, Lydeard St. Lawrence, Taunton. It is now made in Great Barrington, MA, by Michael G. Miller, president/cheesemaker.

Berle Farm - Hoosick, NY

Bellwether Cheese - The Callahan family, in Valley Ford, CA make aged and fresh cow and sheep milk cheeses. Cow: Carmody and Crescenza. Sheep: San Andreas & Pepato. Fresh: Ricotta, Fromage Blanc & Crème Fraiche.

Bingham Hill - In December 1999, Tom and Kristi Johnson in Ft. Collins, CO, made the first batch of their unique Rustic Blue. They took up the cause of making artisinal cheese and only made small-batch cheeses. Their cheeses included: Rustic Blue, Angel Feat, Harvest Moon, Fresh & Simple, Poudre Puff, Tumbleweed, Garlic, Parsley & Chive Fresh & Simple, Sheepish Blue and Backcountry Blue. April, 2006 Update: They shut down February, 2006 and are selling off their equipment on their website.

Black Mesa Ranch - in Snowflake, AZ

Black Sheep Creamery - in Chehalis, WA: Hand-make sheep milk cheeses on their farm from the milk of their Rideau-Arcott and East Friesian sheep. They also have a blog-like diary on their site.

Bleu Mont Dairy - Blue Mounds, WI.

Blue Ledge Farm - Salisbury, VT

Blythedale Farm - in Corinth, VT make cow’s milk cheeses, including Brie, Camembert, Cookeville Grana (a Parmesan-style grating cheese), Green Mountain Gruyere and Jersey Blue.

Bittersweet Plantation Dairy - in Gonzales, LA, is owned by Chef John Folse. Dimcho and Petrana Dimov, cheese makers, came from Bulgaria. This husband and wife team bring over 31 years of experience from the top European dairies. They make a variety of fresh and aged goat and cow’s milk cheeses, including the Fleur-de-lis.

Bobolink Dairy - Nina & Jonathan White, cheesemakers/bakers in Vernon, NJ, make grass-fed cheeses and wood-fired breads. Cheeses include Bobolink-Foret (ale-washed), Drumm, Jean-Louis (a big earthy cheese), Amish Frolic (a collaboration between Bobolink and three Amish graziers, made from grass-fed raw milk), and a Cave-ripened Cheddar.

Boggy Meadow Farm - in Walpole, NH make farmstead cheeses based on old Alpine recipes and use raw milk from their own herd of cows. The cheeses are made by hand twice a week. They make: Baby Swiss, Maple Smoked Swiss and Jack Block (and Salsa Jack). Boggy Meadow were previously known as Fanny Mason Farmstead.

Boucher Family Farm (Green Mountain Blue Cheese) - in Highgate Center, VT. Also makes Brother Laurent.

Bravo Farms - in Traver, CA use milk from their family farm to make handmade artisan cow's milk cheese. They make: Silver Mountain (a cheddar-like cheese). Read Janet Fletcher's article.

Broom's Bloom Dairy - Bel Air, MD

Brovetto Dairy and Cheese House - Jefferson, NY

Bubalus Bubalis - in Gardena, CA, make cheese from water buffalo milk. They offer Mozzarella di bufala, Bocconcini, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Provoletta and Smoked Mozzarella.

Buckeye Grove Farm - in Beallsville, OH

Cabot Creamery - in Montpelier, VT. Only their clothbound cheddar (which is aged in the caves at Jasper Hill) can be considered artisanal.

Capricious Cheese - Semi-hard goat’s milk cheese, hand-made from milk from their own herd of goats near Eureka, CA.

Capriole Goat Cheese - in Greensville, IN, make chevres from their own single flock of goats. They make a variety of goat cheeses from fresh to aged (I counted eleven on their website). One of their most reknowned cheeses, Sofia, is aged 5 days and is a 1 pound loaf of chevre marbled with ash. Mont. St. Francis, a semi-hard hearty, beefy cheese is named for a nearby monastery. Their goats milk O’Banon is wrapped in bourbon-soaked chestnut leaves.

Carlisle Farmstead Cheese - in Carlisle, MA. A goat microdairy 20 miles north of Boston producing award winning artisan farmstead raw milk goat cheeses. They make: Greta's Fair Haven (a tomme), Ada's Honor (Chabichou style), Kay's Esclipse, Lea's Great Meadow, and Meg's Big Sunshine.

Carr Valley Cheese - For over 100 years Carr Valley Cheese has specialized in making cheese the old-fashioned way. Located in La Valle and Mauston, WI, they make a variety of cow’s milk cheeses including: Canaria Cheese, Vintage Van Gough Cheese (Dutch style), Benedictine Cheese and Carr Valley 8 Year Cheddar Cheese. Carr Valley Cheese is owned and operated by Wisconsin's Master Cheese maker Sid Cook.

Castro Cheese Co - See "La Vaquita".

Catapano Dairy Farm - in Peconic, NY makes fresh goat cheeses including feta and ricotta, yogurt and fudge as well as aged cheeses: Kacey's Mellow Cheddar and Gently aged Gouda. Karen & Michael Catapano have been making cheese since 2002 from their own herd of goats on Long Island. They also offer a line of goat’s milk skin care products called The Delicate Doe.

Cato Corner Farm - in Colchester, CT, is a small family farm. They hand-make a dozen styles of aged farmhouse cheese from their own cow’s milk, including Black Ledge Blue, Bridgid's Abbey, Dutch Farmstead and Hooligan (a ripe washed-rind cheese, moderately stinky, with a soft creamy interior and an orange rind).

Cedar Grove Cheese - in Plain, WI

Celebrity Dairy - in Siler City, NC

Champlain Valley Creamery - Carleton Yoder in Vergennes, VT handcrafts cream cheese at a certified organic facility using fresh, organic whole milk and cream. The Cream cheese is made without stabilizers or preservatives.

Chapel Hill Creamery - in Chapel Hill, NC

Clover Mead Farm - in Keeseville, NY

Coach Farm - in Pine Plains, NY. Their fresh and aged goat cheeses are artisanal cheeses, made one piece at a time by hand-ladling fresh curd into individual draining molds. The milk comes from their 800 goats.

Cobb Hill Cheese - in Hartland, VT. Started in 2000, their cheese is made with raw whole milk from the farm’s small herd of grass fed Jersey cows. They farm without chemical fertilizers, feeds or additives. They produce two cheeses, Ascutney Mountain (an alpine cheese) and Four Corners Caerphilly (using vegetable rennet).

Coelho Dairy - in Woodburn, Oregon make Queso Fresco.

Colonial Classics Farmstead Cheese - in Scio, OH. Cheesemaker Kebria Dye makes Cheddar cheese from raw cultured whole milk from the herd of grass-fed cows on their family owned and operated farm.

Consider Bardwell Farm - was the first cheesemaking co-op in Vermont.  Russell Glover and Angela Miller in West Pawlet, VT make Mettowee, the signature fresh and aged cheeses from their herd of goats as well as Pawlet (raw sheep's milk tomme), Rupert (mixed, raw sheep/goat aged tomme) and Dorset (aged tomme from raw cow's milk).

Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese - make Organic Goat cheese from their herd of free-range goats in Pie Town, NM. The cheese comes in a 7.5 oz. glass jar and is covered with sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil and herbs (all certified organic).

County Meadows - in Canton, NY

Cowgirl Creamery - In 1997, Peggy Smith, a 17-year Chez Panisse veteran, joined Sue Conley, a former owner of Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley, to create Cowgirl Creamery, a viewable cheese manufacturing facility. They use Straus Family Dairy products. All Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are still made at the barn in Point Reyes Station, CA. They make cow's milk cheese: Red Hawk, Mt Tam, Pierce Pt. (fall - winter), St. Pat's (spring - summer), SF Drake (irregularly), Fromage Blanc, Clabbered Cottage Cheese and Creme Fraiche.

Cowlick Farm - in Lodi, NY

Cranberry Ridge Farm - Wasilla, AK (no website yet).

Crave Brothers - Waterloo, WI

Crawford Family Farm - in Whiting, VT has been milking Ayrshire cows for 50 years. In 2006 they started making a farmstead raw cow's milk (semi-hard alpine style) tomme cheese which they call Vermont Ayr. In the future, they hope to also offer a Swiss style and a Scottish Dunlop cheese

Crowley Cheese - The Crowley Factory in Healdville, VT (Mount Holly, VT) has been making cheese since 1882 and is believed to be the Western Hemisphere's oldest existing cheese factory. They make one cheese: Crowley (a Colby-style) in a variety of formats (mild, medium, sharp, smoked, etc ) and sizes (blocks, bars, wheels). Their cheese is made from fresh, whole, unpasteurized milk without additives or preservatives and the milk comes from cows that are certified BST and BGH free.

Cypress Grove Chèvre - located in Arcata, CA. They make fresh and cheddar goat cheeses as well as aged ones – like the famous Humboldt Fog. One of their newest cheeses is a 100% organic sheep’s milk cheese called Lambchopper.

Dancing Cow Farmstead Cheese - in Bridport, VT is a small family farm and organic pasture-based dairy with seasonal milk production. Steve and Karen Getz make hand-crafted cheese seven days-a-week, from fresh un-cooled milk from their own herd of cows (Jerseys and Guernseys, with a bit of Shorthorn, Normandy, Holstein and Dutch Belt). They make three true raw-milk cheeses: Menuet (reminicent of small batch, farmhouse cheeses found in the countryside of Normandy), Bouree (washed with brine and aged for a minimum of 60 days), and Sarabande (a unique cows milk pyramid, washed with brine).

Dancing Lamb Farm and Icelandic Sheep Dairy - in Earlton, NY

Dr. Cheese - Natchez, MS

Doe's Leap - East Fairfield. VT

Eichten's Hidden Acres - in Center City, MN

Egg Farm Dairy - in Peekskill NY. No current website but here's a Kitchen Journal's nice article.

Elk Creamery - in Fort Bragg, CA make organic (and biodynamic) goat's milk cheeses like Black Gold and Camembert. They are affilated with Flowers by the Sea.

Endless Mountain Cheesery in Wellsboro, PA. They make handcrafted artisan goat cheese from their own herd. Current offerings include: plain and flavored fromage frais as well as 4 aged goat cheeses (seasonal) - Delmar, Cannantall, Autumn Mist and Earthly Delight.

Estrella Family Creamery - Kelli & Anthony Estrella in Montesano, WA, make handcrafted farmstead cheese from their own herd of cows. The 10-12 cheeses they make include: Melange (Camembert-like), Grisdale Goat, Wynoochee River Blue, Valentina (a Swiss style), Black Creek Buttery (Cheddar style), Guapier (Morbier-like) and Tomme de Marc. They've no website. Phone: (360) 249-6541.

Everona Dairy - Dr. Pat Elliott hand makes farmstead cheese in Rapidan, Virginia (in the Piedmont of Virginia).. She offers several aged sheep's milk cheeses made from the milk of sheep raised on the farm - the most famous of which is Piedmont. They also make flavored Piedmont (cracked pepper or chive and small batches irregularly of Hot Pepper, Torta, Saffron, Muffaletta), as well as Stony Man, Pride of Bacchus (a wine soaked cheese). They also sell soap, tanned sheepskins and lamb.


Fagundes Old-World Farmstead Cheese - in Hanford, CA makes hand-crafted raw cow's milk cheeses "from family recipes brought over from the old country." They make: Queijo St. Jorge (portuguese-style), Queijo St. John, Farmhouse Cheddar (raw), plus these pasteurized cheeses: Hanford Jack, Portuguese Queijo Fresco, Queso Panela, Maria’s Queso Fresco  and Maria’s Queso Cotija.

Fantome Farm - in Ridgeway, WI. Make fresh and aged goat cheeses by hand from milk from their own herd. They make chevre (and herbed chevre), Thyme Log and Fleuri.

Faribault Dairy Company - Faribault, MN. They make Cave Aged Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola: St. Pete's Select and Anablu.

Farmer's All Natural Creamery - in Wellman, IA, make Yogurt cheese.

Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese - in Trumansburg, NY

Firefly Farms - Mike and his partner Pablo purchased the 130-acre farm in Maryland’s Allegheny Plateau, in 1997 and have spent the last 5 years renovating the property and developing a small dairy business. They make 4 artisan goat cheeses: Allegheny Chevre (fresh), Bûche Noir, Merry Goat Round and Mountain Top Bleu (ash-coated).

Fiscalini Farmstead - John Fiscalini became interested in continuing the artisan cheese tradition of his ancestors. Located in Modesto, CA, the cheese making operations are housed in a dedicated facility at the family-owned dairy, where traditional cheese making practices are utilized at every stage. They make flavored cheddars, their signature San Joaquin Gold, traditional bandaged-wrapped Cheddar and aged Parmesan.

Fraga Farm - in Sweet Home, OR makes organic goat cheese.

Frog City Cheese - in Plymouth Notch, VT, they hand-make Plymouth Cheese, an historic granular curd cheese which is bandage wrapped. The factory dates from 1890 and many pieces of historic equipment are on display. The cheese makers are Tom Gilbert of Blythedale Farm and Jackie McCuin and these lease the facility from the state of Vermont. The “factory” is open to the public.

Fullam Creamery - in Hendersonville, NC

Garden Lore - in Mariaville, ME

Gilles Acres Farm - in Greenwich, NY

Goat Lady Dairy - Climax, NC

Goat’s Leap - Barbara and Rex Backus in St. Helena, CA have been making hand-made farmhouse cheese since 1992. They make a variety of goat’s milk cheeses: Sumi (ash- coated pyramid), Hyku (white mold encased round), Kiku (wrapped in a sauvignon blanc doused fig leaf - seasonal), Carmela (a five pound firm wheel aged 4+ months), Eclipse (topped with a star anise and has an ash line through the center) and Fresh wheels. The Sybil pictured above was a special cheese wrapped in fig leaves.

Golden Glen Creamery - The Jensen ladies make farmstead, artisinal, handmade cheeses in Bow, WA from their family owned herd of 390 cows (a mixture of Holstein and Guernsey). They make 11 varieties of flavored medium Cheddar, Gouda, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Cheese Curds, and Whey Cream Butter.

Golden Ridge Cheese - is an Amish co-op located near Cresco in NE Iowa. The supply base is made up of three communities of Old Order Amish committed to the practice of hand milking the cows, cooling it with ground water and natural ice cut from ponds during the winter. The milk is never pumped. Their primary cheese is a blue called Schwarz und Weiß. They also make White rind blue, and Harmony Blue cheeses.

Gothberg Farms – in Edison, WA is a newly licensed Micro Dairy producing artisan farmstead goat cheeses from the milk from a herd of a dozen or so purebred LaMancha goats.

Grace Harbor Farms - in Blaine, WA

Grafton Village Cheese Company - in Grafton, VT, was founded in 1890. It converts local dairy milk into cheese.  They make a variety of natural and flavored cheddar cheese. 1-5 year old cheddars are available.

Great Hill Blue - Located on the shores of Buzzard's Bay, at Great Hill Dairy, Marion, MA. Their one cheese, Great Hill Blue, is an internally ripened variety made with raw, unhomogenized milk.

Green Pastures Dairy in Carlton, MN, is a small, grass-based farm owned by the Hedquist family. Their Minnesota Farmstead cheeses are made with raw milk from pasture-raised cows. They utilize intensive rotational grazing. The Hedquist Family make Gouda and flavored Gouda, Bromfield (English Cheddar style), Haven (a softer Gouda), Peppercorn Haven, Carlton Cream (almost spreadable at room temp), Jalapeno Mission Lea (firm texture), Smoked Gouda, Swiss Gouda, Smoked Swiss and an Aged Gouda.

Green Valley Dairy - in Kirkwood, PA

Hahn's End - in Phippsburg, ME

Harley Farms Goat Dairy - in Pescadero, CA. They make fresh chevre (and flavored), fromage blanc, Goat buttons, Chevre in oil and Goat Feta.

Harmony Farms - Harmony, ME

Hart to Hart Farm - in Albion, ME sell raw milk in glass bottles.

Hawthorne Valley Farm - in Ghent, NY, is a 400-acre pasture-based biodynamic farm (Demeter certified) run by the Hawthorne Valley Assciation. They are a source for Raw milk – which they sell at their farm store. They make Cheddar, Alpine (hard rinded swiss style mountain cheese) and Edamer (an Edam-like cheese) hard cheeses as well as a soft farmer’s cheese called Bianca and yogurt, quark. They also offer a line of lacto-fermented vegetable products at their store.

Hawaiian Island Goat Dairy - in Honokaa, HI

Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy - is located on 7 acres on the rich agricultural plain that skirts the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, CO in Longmont. They produce chèvre, feta and 3 special aged cheeses from milk contributed from their own goats.

Heamour Farms - in Madison, NY. They have a cheesemaking blog and sometimes offer cheesemaking workshops.

Heart Song Farm - in Gilmanton, NH. Heart Song Farm produces a variety of cheeses, both fresh and aged. All of cheeses are truly "farmstead cheeses" - as they raise their own goats and craft products exclusively from their milk. They offer: Fresh Chevre and Seasoned Chevre, Gardian (& flavored), Sainte Maure , Goat Milk Camembert, Valencay , Chanson du Coeur, Blanc and  Coeur Brise.

Heather Ridge Farm & Creamery - in Wellsboro, PA

Hendricks Farms & Dairy - in Telford, PA.

Hidden Hills Dairy - in Everett, PA. The Sollenberger and Knepp family make raw milk cheeses from the milk of their small herd (10) of Jersey cows. They make: Boltonfeta, Gouda Gold, Ivory Lace, Jaxon, Temptation and Tye.

Highfield Dairy – in Big Cove Tannery, PA, is a small 43 acre farm. They make cows milk cheeses and goat cheese.

His Kids Dairy - in Wyalusing, PA

Hoo Doo Valley Creamery - in Priest River, ID make artisan cow's milk cheeses. They are affiliated with Rainbow Acres Dairy.

Hope Farm Sheep Cheese - East Charleston, VT

Homestead Artisans Enterprises - in Saratoga Springs, NY


James Ranch - in Durango, CO. James Ranch makes raw cow’s milk cheeses from their own herd of  grass—only Jersey cows. They make 3 farmstead cheeses: Belford – (a young version and a mature version), Andalo, and Leyden.

Jasper Hill Farm - is a small family farm located in Greensboro, VT. They are currently making three varieties of raw cow’s milk cheese: Aspenhurst (clothbound cheddar-style), Bayley Hazen Blue (blue-veined natural rind) and a Constant Bliss (soft mold ripened). Look for their new cheese, Winnemere!

Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy - in Ocean Park, WA They make seasonal farmstead artisan goat cheeses: Fresh and Aged Chevre (and aged herbed), Brined Cheese, Cheddar Cheese (and flavored), Pepper Jack, Harbor Cheese, Pacific Porcini Cheese, Swedish Caraway Cheese, Columbia River Bleu,  Billy Whiskers Bleu, Holy Goat (Swiss-style). They also offer goat’s milk.

Juniper Grove Farm - in Redmond, OR makes farmstead goat cheese mostly from raw milk. PNWCheese post

Kauai Kunana Dairy - in Kauai, HI makes goat's milk cheeses on the north shore of Hawaii. They are a micro-dairy (and the only dairy on the island), specializing in artisan goat cheese. They offer: fresh & flavored chevre, goat milk feta, Lilikoi, Marinated Herb Goat Cheese and Pepper Jack Chevre.

Kennebec Cheesery - in Sidney, ME

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese  - The Mattingly family in Austin, KY makes farmstead cheeses with milk from their own herd of hormone-free cows. They make Asiago, Cheddar (and flavored), Colby, Havarti (and flavored), Gouda (and flavored), Bleu Gouda, Kentucky Bleu, Monterey Jack and Swiss.

Keswick Creamery at Carrock Farm - in Newburg, PA, have a herd of Jersey cows use a portion of the milk to make raw milk, aged cheeses.

Klein Farms Dairy & Creamery - in Easton, PA

La Clairine Farm - in Somerset, CA is a 10-acre Demeter-certified Biodynamic goat farm. They make goat cheese and goat soap from their herd of American Alpine goats.

La Fromagerie du Royaume - in Guildhall, VT makes Gore and La Couverture.

La Vaquita - Also known as Castro Cheese Co in Houston, TX. Maria Castro founded and oversees the "La Vaquita" brand of Hispanic cheeses which are made to order and have a homemade, authentic, hand-wrapped presentation. They make a variety of Hispanic cheeses and creams including: Quesco Fresca, Cuajada En Terron, Panela Fresca, Cuajado Fresca, and Queso Quesadilla.

Lakes End Cheeses - in Alburg, VT

Larkhaven Farm- in Tonasket, WA

M. Clare Paris makes farmstead raw milk cheese on their 40 acre farm in WA. They make: Shepherd's Gem, Cayuse Mountain Goat, Rosa Rugosa and Whitestone Feta. They also offer farmstead meat.

Lazy Lady Farm - in Westfield, VT

Liberty Fields Farm - in Saco, ME

Listening Rock Farm - in Wassaic, NY (Dutchess Co) Website under construction.

Little Rainbow - have been making goat cheese in Hillsdale, NY for over 20 years. They make (all from goat's milk): Berkshire Blue, Little Rainbow Chevre De Ferme with Peppercorns, Capri Cheddar, Feta, Chevre Logs, Crottin Mediterraneen, Ripened Crottin (white, blue and affine) and goat's milk Fudge. The also sell gently pasteurized goat's milk.

Lively Run Goat Dairy - in the Fingerlakes, NY is home to about 100 goats. Their cheeses contain no preservatives, food colors, or artificial additives of any kind and they use vegetable rennet.  They make Lively Run Chevre (in plain and seven flavors), Cayuga Blue and Lively Run Feta.

Locust Grove Farm - in Knoxville, TN are the first licensed Grade A Sheep Dairy and the only licensed raw milk cheese facility in TN.  Having raised sheep for almost 20 years, the owners began milking and making cheese after an internship with Allan Brown of Millairies Farm in Sorbie Village, Scotland (famed for Cairnsmore Cheese). Locust Grove's primary cheese is Galloway but they also make a Farmstead Gouda.

Longfellows' Creamery - in Avon, ME

LoveTree Farmstead Cheese - begun in 1986 in Grantsville, WI. They produce fine sheep cheese and dry-aged  "European" style grass fed organic lamb. There are 8 lakes within 2 miles of LoveTree and many more within the surrounding terrain. It is these lakes that their different cheeses are named after...Trade Lake Cedar, Big Holmes, Little Holmes, Spirit, and Trade River.

Lynnhaven Goat Cheese - in Pine Bush, NY


Maid in the Shade - A small five acre farm in the Cross Timbers region of the Texas Hill Country with about 75 goats. They offer several fresh cheeses using pasteurized goat's milk: Chevre (and flavored), Feta (and flavored), Mozzarella, and Cheddar Curd, Whole Milk Ricotta and Cheesecakes (6 flavors). They are currently working on a couple of aged cheeses that they hope to offer in late 2006.

Marin French Cheese Co. - A small cheese factory in Petaluma, CA which makes pasteurized cow's milk cheeses. Cheeses made include: Camembert, Breakfast Cheese, Brie and a variety of flavored Brie (Rouge et Noir).

Maytag Dairy Farms - In 1941, Maytag Dairy Farms in Newton, IA, began producing its world famous blue cheese in the heartland of America, with milk from a prize-winning herd of Holstein cattle. Fred Maytag II, heard about a new process for making blue cheese that was developed by Iowa State University. They still use this process today. Cheese is handmade in small batches, using fresh sweet milk from Iowa dairy farms. They make Maytag Blue wheels and wedges. (The non-Blue cheeses they sell are not made by them.)

Meadow Creek Dairy - in Galax, VA.

Meadowsweet Farm - in Lodi, NY

Mecox Bay Dairy - in Bridgehampton, NY. A nice article on them.

Monroe Cheese Studio - in Monroe, ME

Monteillet Fromagerie - The first artisanal farmstead cheese facility in the Walla Walla Valley, WA, makes a variety of fresh goat and sheep cheeses including: Larzac (and with truffles), Mejean (and with truffles), Cardabelle, Fresh Chevre (and with herbs) and Causse Noir.

Mouco Cheese Company - is based in Fort Collins, CO, make pasteurized cow’s milk cheese. They source their milk from the local dairy and from local herds so it is really fresh – less than 3 hours old. They make 2 cheeses, Mouco Rouge (a washed-rind cheese) and MouCo Artisan Camembert. Both cheeses are made by hand.

Mt. Townsend Creamery - Port Townsend, WA make cow's milk cheeses, hand crafted in small batches. They make: Cirrus, Trailhead and Seastack. A YouTube report.

Mozzarella Company - is Paula Lambert's cheese company in Dallas, TX. It is a small artisan cheese factory who's speciality is fresh mozzarella. They also make fresh and aged goat and cow's milk cheeses. Award winners include, Hoja Santa (wrapped in Sassafrass leaves), Queso Oaxaca and Caciocavallo.

Mystique Cheese - in Waldoboro, ME

Neighborly Farms - in Randolph Center, VT

Nettle Meadow Farm - in Warrensburg, NY

Northern Prairie Chevre - is a partnership between: Wendy Mickle, Connie Lawrance, and Kathy Larson, in Woodward, IA. They make artisan crafted goat cheeses including: Parmesan, Manchedo, Chevre (and flavored Chevre), Caprine Farmhouse (and marinated), Feta, Queso Blanco and Garden Medley (with chives, onion & garlic) as well as goat milk fudge and goat hot fudge.

Northland Sheep Dairy - In Freetown Corners, NY Karl & Jane North make Bergere Blue (a blue which is spreadable at room temp), Folie Bergere (grateable, nutty flavor), Tomme Bergere (hard mountain style cheese), Bergerino (hard, grateable) and Pepperino (Bergerino with pepper). The Norths emphasize organic and sustainable practices.

Oakdale Cheese - in Oakdale, CA, is owned and operated by Dutch immigrants Walter and Lenneke Bulk. With fresh milk from a local dairy, they make Gouda, flavored Goudas, Smoked Gouda, Quark and Edam.

Oak Leaf Creamery - in Kennebunkport, ME

OakMoon Farm - Bakersville, NC

Oakvale Farmstead Cheese - London, OH.

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company - in Old Chatham, NY, make sheep milk cheeses (some blended with cow’s milk) as well as Yogurt and Ricotta Cheese. Stars include their Hudson Valley Camemberts and their Shepherd’s Wheel.

The Old Windmill Dairy - in Moriarty, NM, make a variety of goat milk and feta cheeses from their herd of Nubian goats.

Orb Weaver Farm - New Haven, VT

Oregon Gourmet Cheeses - in Albany, OR makes cow's milk cheeses from a single herd.

Organic Pastures - in Fresno, CA. They make raw milk cheddar cheese and butter. A source of raw milk.


Painted Pepper Farm - Steuben, ME

Palatine Valley Dairy - Earl & Carol Spencer as part of a local farmer's cooperative make cow's milk Cheddar and flavored cheddars in Nelliston, NY in the Mohawk Valley. They make: Mild Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar and Extra Sharp Cheddar (25+ flavors) and cheese curds (and flavors).

PastureLand Coop - in Dodge Center, MN

Peaked Mountain Farm - in Townshend, VT

Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co. - in Orland, CA. They make: Black Butte Reserve, Raw Milk Gouda-Style and Tipsy Cow. Read Edible Sacramento's article.

Penquis Valley Shepherds - in Brownville, ME hope to be licensed by December, 2006.

Pholia Farm - in Rogue River, OR makes raw milk goat cheeses.

Pineland Farms - in New Gloucester, ME

Pine Stump Farms - near Omak, WA

Carey Hunter makes Farmstead Goat Cheeses. They make: Crottin, Havarti, Parmesan, Asiago and Teleme.

Pleasant Valley Dairy -  Joyce Snook has made cheese for over 20 years in Ferndale, WA cow's milk cheeses from a mix of Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Holstein, and Milking Shorthorn. They make: Gouda (and flavored goudas), a farmstead cheese from a French culture, Mutschli, (Swiss recipe), and a Norwegian holiday cheese. Another good article.

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company - in Point Reyes Station, CA. The Giacomini family make one farmstead cheese: Pt Reyes Blue Cheese called: Original Blue. They also make a great Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese Dressing.

Port Madison Farm - in Bainbridge Island, WA. Steve and Beverly Phillips produce yogurts, chèvre, various soft cheeses, and a cheddar, all from pasteurized goat's milk from their herd of Nubian goats.

Prairie Fruits Farm - in Champaign, IL. Prairie Fruits is a sustainable farm with a small herd of Nubian and La Mancha goats which are raised on hay and pasture. They make artisan farmstead goat's cheeses: both fresh and flavored chevre, Angel, Food, Little Bloom on the Prairie, Prairie Burn, Krotovina, Huckleberry's Blue and a Raw-milk Tomme.

Pug's Leap - Healdsburg, CA (no website yet) - Pascal Destandau & Eric Smith make several goat's milk cheeses, including Pave, Petit Marceau, and Buche.

Pure Luck Texas - A certified organic farm run by the Bolton family in Dripping Springs, TX. They make a variety of goat’s milk cheeses: Plain and flavored chevre, Feta, Ste. Maure (French regional style), Claire de Lune (Brie-like), Del Cielo (a Camembert-style cheese) and Bleu. Cheese by Hand's profile

Quillisascut Cheese - Lora Lea Misterly has made cheese in Pleasant Valley in Rice, WA, since 1987. They make Curado (goat) and Selkirk (cow) artisan cheeses. This cheesemaker is very focused on making the cheese taste like what it comes from, capturing the rustic nuances.

Rainbeau Ridge - in Bedford Hills, NY

Rainhaven Goat Dairy -in Duvall, WA are a microdairy which produces Grade A raw goat's milk and goat's cheese  from their hand-milked small herd of purebred Swiss Toggenburg dairy goats.

Redwood Hill Farm - is a family farm in Sonoma County, CA and is committed to producing the best tasting and least processed goat milk products available anywhere. They utilize a natural approach to animal husbandry and hand craft goat milk cheese and delicious goat milk yogurt.

Rinconada Dairy - in Santa Margarita, CA makes Chaparral and Pozo Tomme.

River Valley Cheese - in Fall City, WA. Rob & Julie Steil make cheese from their herd of La Mancha goats, sheep, Holstein cows water buffalo and yak. They make: Valley Girl Cheddar, Uncle Si Pepper Jack, Blueberry Hill, Valley Doe Cheddar, Silly Billy Goat Cheese, Wild West Mozzarella (from water buffalo, cow and yak milk), Fresh & Flavored goat cheese and Feta. They are also a source for raw milk and organic eggs.

Rivers Edge Chevre - in Logsden, OR at Three Rings Farms. They make a small amount of Farmstead Goat Cheese.

Rockhill Creamery - in Richmond, UT is a micro dairy which has a herd of 5 brown swiss cows. They make raw cow's milk farmstead cheeses: Farmhouse Gouda (and flavored), Zwitser, Dark/Snow Canyon Edam, Wasatch Gruyere, Desert Red Feta.

Rogue Creamery - In 2002 David Gremmels and Cary Bryant bought Rogue Creamery, in Central Point, OR, from the founding Vella family. Rogue Creamery currently gets its milk from a small artisan creamery, Volbeda Dairy in Linn County (outside of Albany). Famous for their cow's milk blue cheese, they make four varieties: Crater Lake, Echo Mountain Blue (a milk of goat and cow), Oregon Blue Vein (raw cow) and Smokey Blue.

Rollingstone Chèvre - is in Parma, ID, and are Idaho’s first goat cheese producer. They make a variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses as well as flavored torta goat cheese, Fromage blanc, hard goat and a blue goat cheese. All products are processed in a small fromagerie on the Rollingstone farm and they do not use distributors – choosing to sell direct to preserve freshness.

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy - in Ancramdale, NY

Roth Kase - in Monroe, WI

Roubideau Farm-to-You - in Delta, CO. They make artisan raw goat’s-milk cheeses (and offer cheese-shares). Currently no website. email

Rumiano Cheese - in Crescent City, CA. Rumiano produces several cheese varieties like Medium and Extra Sharp Cheddar, Calico, Pepper Jack, Mediterranean Jack and Dry Monterey Jack which is its specialty.

Rustling Wind Creamery - Run by Joan Lamothe, it is located inside Falls Village, CT in scenic Litchfield County.  The Creamery was founded in 1998 with the help of Florence Brocklehurst, a British native and master cheese maker. They offer pressed cows milk cheeses (Cheshire, Sage Cheshire, Wensleydale and flavored Wensleydale), pressed goat cheeses (plain or herbed), one blue cheese, and one soft herbed spread from pasteurized goat's milk. They also sell jams, jellies, chutneys, goat fudge, etc.

Samish Bay Cheese - Roger and Suzanne Wechsler have been producing organic cheese in the NW corner of Skagit Valley, WA, since 1999. They raise their cows on organic grass, grain, and clover grown on the farm and use their milk to produce several types of artisan farmstead organic cheese. They make: Gouda (including flavored and aged), Mont Blanchard (a cheddar style cheese), and Montasio (in the style of a the cheese of Friuli-Venezia Giulia).

Sally Jackson Cheeses - in Oroville, WA makes cheeses from three kinds of milk produced on her farm: Goat, Cow, and Sheep. Cheeses are either mold ripened leaf-wrapped cheeses or occasionally larger, pressed semi-soft wheels. A cheesemaker profile.

Saxon Creamery - in Cleveland, WI. The Klessig, and Heimerl families work together to make cow's milk cheese from the milk of the families herds. The cheesemaker is Neville McNaughton. They currently make: Green Fields and Big Eds but 6 other cheeses are in the works.

Sea Breeze Farm - Vashon Island, WA make farmstead cow's and goat's milk cheeses.

Seal Cove Farm - Located in Lamoine, ME, they make goat‘s milk cheeses. They include: Fresh and flavored chevre, Feta,  Pyramides (aged plain or with ash), Bricks (flavored with blueberry, cranberry, or walnut-filled) and Tommes (natural or w/juniper)

Shelburne Farms - Shelburne, VT

Shepherd's Way Farms - Nerstrand, MN.

Sherman Hill Farmstead - in Franklin, NY

Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. - in Willows, CA. They make Jack (as well as Smoked & Flavored Jack), and cream cheese (as well as flavored).

Silvery Moon Creamery - The Knight family at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, ME, partnered in 2003 with Jennifer Betancourt to make handcrafted fresh and aged cow's milk cheese. The farm is located on 500 acre farm is south of Portland. They craft over a dozen varieties of cheese, including Camembert, Westbrook White, Rosemary's Waltz, Tally Ho with Peppercorn, Aged Farmhouse Cheddar, Crème Fraiche, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Cheddar Curd (and with herbs or flavors), Brie, and Bravura (a washed-rind cheese). They also make butter and ice cream.

Smiling Hill Farm - in Westbrook, ME

Spinning Spider Creamery - in Marshall, NC

Split Creek Farm - in Anderson, SC

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Co. - is in Petaluma, CA. The homestead, artisan cheese produced by Spring Hill is made entirely from the milk of pasture-grazed Jersey cows. They make cheddar, jack, farmer’s cheese, butter, quark and a variety of specialty cheeses. Their Cheddar is mild and makes a great breakfast cheese or grilling cheese.

Sprout Creek Farm - is a 200-acre working farm in Dutchess County, NY. At Sprout Creek Farm, artisanal cheeses are made in the age-old tradition of European farmstead cheese which is made using a method that merely enhances the innate qualities of the milk. Their semi-hard cheeses are called Toussaint, Ouray and Barat (cheddar-like).

State of Maine Cheese Company - located in Rockport, ME. They offer Cow's milk Cheddars, Curds, Caerphilly and Monterey Jack (plain and spiced) made from artifical growth hormone-free Maine milk (Oakhurst Dairy).

Straus Family Creamery - The family-owned Marshall, CA (western Marin Country) organic dairy makes cheese, butter, ice cream (we love the dutch chocolate, vanilla and raspberry) and yogurt. They make Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.

Steve-N-Sons Grassfields Cheese - in Coopersville, MI

Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy - in Competition, MO. Deb & Rick Christman make cheddar style sheep's milk cheeses from their own herd of sheep. They also sell other sheep products.

Sugarbush Farm - Woodstock, VT

Sullivan's Pond Farm – in Wake, VA makes farmstead raw milk goat cheese.

Sunset Acres Farm - Brookville, ME

Surfing Goat Dairy - in Kula, HI. Thomas and Eva Kafsack produce more than 25 goat cheeses from their herd of mostly Saanens and Alpines (with the odd Nubian and Toggenburg). They divide their cheeses into three categories: Aloha, Paradise and Shark Bites. Aloha cheeses are fresh and flavored goast cheeses (some unusual flavors). The (Paradise) aged cheeses are: Hearts or Biscuits (plain aged 3 mo), Swedish Heart (caraway seed, aged 3 mo), French Dream (with “Herbs de Provence”) and BBQ (cold smoked with Kiawe wood). The three Shark Bites cheeses are Oyster Chevre (smoked oysters); Perigord (truffles) or Midas Touch (23K gold leaf).

Sunset View Creamery - in Odessa, NY

Sweet Grass Dairy - makes fine, hand-crafted cheeses in Thomasville, GA. Both Green Hill (the 340-acre dairy) and Sweet Grass (the 140 acre cheese making facility and home to the goat herd) practice biologically sustainable, grass-based farming. Their goat cheeses include: Fresh Chevre, Holly Springs (tomme-style, natural rind, raw milk), Lumiere (bloomy rind covered in ash with layer of ash), Georgia Pecan Chevre (bloomy rind) and Botana (cheddar-style, raw milk, floral notes). The Jersey cow’s milk cheeses include: Georgia Gouda (Natural rind, raw milk), Green Hill (soft-ripened, edible bloomy rind), Thomasville Tomme (natural tan rind, buttery, raw milk) and Myrtle wood (aged mountain-style, raw milk).

Sweet Home Farm - in Elberta, AL.

Sweetwater Valley Cheese - The Harrison family in Philadelphia, TN makes farmstead cheddar using a combination of modern technology and  traditional cheese making arts. They make a wide range of flavored Cheddar, as well as Colby and Jack cheeses.

The Swiss Connection - in Clay City, IN

Sullivan's Pond Farm - in Deltaville, VA


Tall Cedars Farm -  in Haynesville, VA the Goatboyz make a dizzying array of hand-crafted artisan goat's milk cheese: Country Jack, Habanero Pepper Jack, Smoked Jack, Country Swiss (and caraway), Colby, Muenster, Havarti, Montasio (Italian Monastry-style), Parma (Parmesan style), Country Cheddar (and Special and Premium 2yrs versions), Country Queso Fresco, Country Queso Blanco (and flavored), Gouda (and flavored), Emmertomme (French alpine-style), Country Edam, Country Emmenthal, Country Brie, Country Camemebert, Country St. Maure (french-style log), Country bleu, Wakefield Blue (gorgonzola-style), Stratford Blue (drier crumbly), Belle-Isle Blue (aged 1-2yr) Potomac Blue (gouda-style flavor), Chesapeake Blue (pyramid with no veining), Aged blue chunks (in canola oil), Jeff's Baby Blue (brick) and Mold Ripened Blue Crottin as well as Fresh Chevre (and flavored versions), Ricotta, Feta (and flavored), and Country Mozzarella.

Taylor Farm - in Londonderry, VT. Is a 180 year old family owned farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The herd consists of 40 Holstein and Jersey milk cows. They make: Taylor Farm Cheese, Vermont Farmstead Gouda, Maple Smoked Gouda and Flavored Goudas.

Thistle Hill Farm - Tarentaise is an aged alpine raw milk cheese handmade on the Putnam family farm in North Pomfret, VT, from the certified organic milk of their grass-fed Jersey cows.

3-Corner Field Farm - in Shushan, NY.

Three Owls Farm - in Granville, VT. Are a small small, grass-based sheep dairy making Farmstead Sheep Cheese from fresh milk. They make: Three Owls Blue, Three Owls Tomme, Liberty Hill Blue (a blue made with milk from the Kennet's cow dairy, Liberty Hill Farm)

Three Shepherds - in Warren, VT

Three Sisters Farmstead Cheese - in Lindsay, CA make Farmhouse raw Jersey cow's milk cheeses: Serena, Serenita (similar to a Beaufort).

Tonjes Farm Dairy - in Callicoon, NY

Townhouse Farm - The Chattick Family farms a small herd of registered Brown Swiss cows in Whitefield, ME. Townhouse Farm offers: Gouda, Cheddar, Spread Cheese, and Farm Curd, as well as 20% butterfat ice creams.

Traders Point Creamery is a family owned artisan dairy located in Zionsville, IN.  Their herd of Brown Swiss cows is 100% grass-fed, USDA certified organic. Fons Smits, their Dutch cheese maker, crafts Fleur de la Terre (a washed rind cheese), Fromage Blanc, and flavored fromage blanc. They also make Yogurt, Ice Cream and Cottage Cheese. They practice sustainable farming.

Triple H Ranch - in Hudson, NY

Tumalo Farms - in Bend, OR. The milk used in their Farmstead cheeses is produced on their own farm. They have only Saanens and French Alpine goats. They offer 7 farmstead cheeses: Antigo, Capricorns, Classico, Fenacho, Giallo, Pondhopper, Remembrance.

Twig Farm - owned by by Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman in West Cornwall, VT. They make Twig Farm Goat Tomme, Twig Farm Square Cheese and Twig Farm Soft Wheel from goat's milk from their small herd of mostly alpine goats.

Udder View Farm - The Alexander’s goat farm is located in “Downeast” Columbia, ME. They are currently the only licensed cheesemaker in Washington County. They produce more than 20 flavors of chevre as well as Feta and goat yogurt smoothies from Oberhasli goat’s milk.

Uplands Cheese Company - in Dogeville, WI is owned and operated by two families that started farming together in 1994. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an artisanal cheese made from the non-pasteurized milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows fed and managed using natural, "old world" practices.

Valley Shepherd Creamery - in Long Valley, NJ make farmstead sheep cheese from Pure bred Friesian sheep. Among the many cheeses they make: Oldwick Shepherd, NJ Fresh Mixte, Tartuffo Shepherd (with Tuscan Truffles), Califon Tomme, Shepherd's Logue, Ancient Shepherd, Long valley Thunder, Mountainville Mouton, Shepherd's cushions, Sheep's milk EWEgurt and Springhouse cow creme series (cow's milk). They were formerly known as Farmersville Cheeses. They also offer lamb, and other sheep's products. They also have a Dairy Farm Internship.

Veldhuizen Family Farm - in TX are a small family farm which makes cow's milk cheeses from their small herd of of Holstein-Jersey cross cows.

Vella Cheese Company - in Sonoma, CA are well known for their excellent Dry Jack cheese but they make Asiago, Cheddar, Fontinella and flavored versions of the jacks and the cheddars (they also offer different aged versions of the Cheddar and the Monterey Jack). This family-owned company has been making cheese for over 70 years.

Vermont Butter & Cheese - In 1984, Allison Hooper and Bob Reese began crafting artisanal dairy products in the European style in Websterville, VT. The company supports a network of more than 20 family farms, which they consider a vital link to their success. They make goat's milk chevre, creamery goat cheese and feta. They make cow's milk: cultured butter, quark, mascarpone, crème fraiche and fromage blanc.

Vermont Shepherd (aka Major Farm) - in Putney, VT

Wateroak Farms - in Robertson Co, TX.

Westfield Farm - in Hubbardston, MA.

West River Creamery - in Londonderry, VT are a Small family owned and operated creameriy making raw cow's milk-farmstead cheese. They specialize in natural rind cheeses: Middletown Tomme, 3 Mountain, Glebe Mountain Swiss and Cambridge-cloth bound english cheddar. They have no website but you can email them.

Widmer Cheese Cellars - Located in Theresa, WI, they have made cheese for three generations. Handcrafted in small batches, they specialize in cheddar with many aged and flavored varieties as well as Colby and curds.

Willamette Valley Cheese Co. - in Salem, OR makes farmstead cow's milk cheeses.

Willow Hill Farm - in Milton, VT is a Certified Organic farm that offers Vermont farmhouse sheep's milk cheese & yogurt, natural grassfed  lamb, beef and East Friesian breeding stock. Their organic cheeses are matured in an underground cave. All of their cheeses are made from the organic milk from their animals which are fed only natural herbs and grasses. They make Autumn Oak (a mushroomy raw milk Corsican style cheese), Alderbrook (semi-ripened soft sheep cheese), Cobblehill (Brie-shaped sheep milk cheese Mar-Oct), Summer Tomme (style of Brin d'Amour with a slightly different herb crust), Mountain Tomme (A fall heep and cow's milk cheese in the style of Pyrenees' mountain cheese), Vermont Brebis (small round wheel – herby,  mushroomy and runny when ripe) and Fernwood (milk of Brown Swiss and Dutch Belted cows, a soft ripened cheese – Oct-Mar).

Winchester Cheese - They have about 500 Holstein cows on their dairy farm and use natural ingredients and fresh raw milk to make their cheese. Boere Kaas, which means "Home made on the farm", is the favorite choice of cheese-loving Holland. This premium gouda is made in Winchester, CA in the same traditional way as it has been done by their families back home in Holland for many, many generations.

Wind Haven Farm & Creamery - in Sauquoit, NY. Click here to read about a Slow Food event held at the farm.

Windsong Farm - in Palmer, AK.

Woodcock Farm - in Weston, VT

Woodstock Water Buffalo (formerly Starhill Dairy) - in South Woodstock, VT

WSU Creamery - in Pullman, WA. The cheeses made in their cheese program are offered online and through the Washington State University store - and they come in cans. They also make Ferdinand’s Ice Cream. Cheeses available: Cougar Gold (white cheddar), American Cheddar (and Smoky), Viking (and with Dill/Garlic and Basil), Hot Pepper, and Crimson Fire.

Yellow Branch Farmstead Cheese - located in western NC, near Fontana Lake in Graham County, Yellow Branch makes farmstead cheese from their small herd of Jersey cows. The farm is pastured-based and managed using sustainable, organic practices. They make small batches of four artisanal raw milk cheeses: Yellow Branch Farmstead Cheese, Yellow Branch Pepper Cheese, Yellow Branch Natural Rind Cheese (the farmstead cheese washed with apple cider vinegar), and Yellow Branch Basil Cheese.

York Hill Farm - New Sharon, ME

For a great list of Farmstead Cheeses:

Slow Food Ark of Taste – Farmstead Cheeses