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Food Blogs

Grow Better Veggies

Love Apple Farm's Cynthia Sandberg, the source of Manresa's wonderful biodynamic vegetables, tells you the secrets to growing vegetables, etc.


When not driving very fast, Chuck eats well. Simply, our favorite restaurant reviews blog. Travels afar for the great meals of the world.

Between Meals

SF Chronicle's restaurant critic Michael Bauer blogs on restaurant issues, pizza restaurant of the week, and more. Some excellent posts with uncensored comments from readers.

Accidental Hedonist

Kate Hopkins brings to light the many problems of the US food system - we don't think the folks at the USDA, etc., like this. Writing a book on Whisky.

An Obsession With Food

Derrick Schneider freelances for the AoE and the SF Chronicle's wine section, amongst others. He teaches a wine class, makes his own vinegar, and you'll want to eat his duck confit. Collects puzzles.

The Oyster Guide

Rowan Jacobsen, book author and contributor to AoE, has a blog, maps, oyster sources and oyster tasting notes.

Diner's Journal

NY Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni tells us the ins and outs of the NY restaurant scene, including chef interviews. Other Times writers contribute.

Cachagua Store

Txacoli's (Michael Jones) stories of life as a chef and caterer and more are, at times, some of the best reads in the food blog world.

David Lebovitz

David, a pastry chef and author, lives in Paris, and teaches us about food. We enjoy his tales and photos of his culinary adventures.

Mauro, Cheese and Wine

An artist, Jordana, writes about Chef Mauro and their adventures in NYC - with a focus on food, wine and cheese. Very long, interesting but infrequent posts.

Tigers & Strawberries

Barbara Fisher has great commentary and very detailed recipes. Also really excellent cookbook reviews.


Regina Scrambling sends out frequent observations, mostly on food, that are hilarious and biting. Note: Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Curious Cook

Harold McGee (On Food and Cooking) continues his explorations on the science of food and its transformations. (Irregular postings.)

Offal Good

Chris Cosentino's blog focuses on the less popular parts of animals and how to cook them. Or you can sample some at Incanto in San Francisco, where he is the chef.


Author and Chef Michael Ruhlman blogs on food issues and cooking. Anthony Bourdain is a frequent guest writer.

I'm Mad and I Eat

Cookie Crumb does the fun, not-so-serious food blog thang to the hilt.

Rancho Gordo

The experiments in the kitchen of Steve Sando, owner of Rancho Gordo, the heirloom, exotic bean company.

Cook & Eat

Lara Ferroni's food blog has beautiful photos and covers a lot of topics. Luscious looking desserts, too! Formerly known as Cookbook 411.)

Matt Bites

A fairly new food blog that it hard to describe but has spunk, humor and pleasing graphics.


Mikael and Vedat focus on reviewing top European restaurants and these reviews are a pleasure to read. (Infrequent postings.)


The posts from Hillel and crew always seem quite interesting. Be sure to check out the electronic cookbooks, too, as the word Wow comes to mind!

Farmgirl Fare and

In My Kitchen Garden

Susan runs a farm (posts a daily pic), she teaches cooking classes and is building a small artisan bread bakery.

I Heart Farms

Tana Butler celebrates small farms and their produce in her chronicles (mainly in the Santa Cruz area).

Cupcake Bakeshop

Joanne is loving this blog, which seems devoted to High-End cupcakes. It's written by Chockylit and has recipes and beautiful photos of cupcakes.

Ideas In Food

Bored with food? Check out the inventive dishes and drop-dead gorgeous photography from Chefs Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot.

dessert comes first

Lori Baltazar's dessert-focused blog has some of the most beautiful photos of all food blogs.

in praise of sardines

Brett Emerson gives us “a stomach's-eye view of the world.” He's in the process of building his own restaurant from scratch, in San Francisco, to be called contigo.

Cookin' in the 'Cuse

Rev. Jennifer in Syracuse grows her own vegetables, cooks a lot(!) and advocates sustainable farming.


Robert Peyton’s commentary on food, restaurant reviews, recipes, and more.

Food Blog School

A community of Food Bloggers ask and answer each others questions.

Food, Wine and Cheese Blogs that Score

Updated November, 2009 - Jack

Food Issues

The Ethicurean

Bonnie Powell leads this blog that has become the source for news about organics, sustainable ag, food politics, Big Food acting badly, etc.


NY Times health columnist Tara Parker-Pope posts frequently on health issues; the food, obesity and diabetes posts are quite good.

Food Politics

Marion Nestle's comments on the food issues of the day.

The Cleaner Plate Club

Ali writes about the difficulty in feeding kids properly. Some great posts!

Philpott @ Grist

Tom Philpott does sustainable farming while critiquing industrial agriculture. Also check out the rest of Grist.

U.S. Food Policy

Read food economist Parke Wilde's blog if you care about food, nutrition and the US government's involvement.

Renegade Lunch Lady

Chef Ann Cooper is transforming school cafeterias into culinary classrooms for students. Posts/links to articles on kids, food, obesity, more.

Eating Liberally

"Free yourself from the fossil food chain." - Various writers contribute on all sorts of food subjects.

Wooly Pigs

Heath Putnam of Wooly Pigs gives you a crash course in pig raising and slaughtering, including the delicious Mangalitsa.

Chews Wise

Samuel Fromartz's blog aims to "shine a light on the food system so we can make better food choices." He wrote Organic, Inc., too.


A web-magazine focused on food issues along with cooking, food sources, etc.

Eat Local Challenge

A blog focused on eating locally grown food. Lots of news links to eating locally. Led by Jen Maiser of Life Begins at 30. We occasionally contribute.

The Slow Food USA Blog

New, and the title says it all.


Vic Keegan advocates the ending of all government food subsidies. (Infrequent posts.)

Weighty Matters

Canadian physician Yoni Freedhoff sounds off about food policy, obesity and nutrition.

Casing the Joint

Chef Jay Porter's restaurant blog (The Linkery, San Diego) discusses food sources and other topics of interest.

Mighty Foods

This site focuses on organic food, sustainable farming, recipes, etc., with gorgeous photos.

Cheese Blogs

Cheese by Hand

Michael Claypool and Sasha Davies traveled from Maine to Alaska, visiting small cheese makers and reported their finds and stories. Our favorite cheese blog. (Irregular postings.)

Pacific Northwest Cheese Project

Tami Parr reports and profiles the cheeses and cheesemakers of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. She also writes for the Portland Food & Drink site.


Jamie Forrest's cheese blog, who "really, really, REALLY likes cheese." Although more oriented toward the Northeast, it has the best all-around cheese news of any blog.

The Cheese Mistress

The Cheese Mistress is based in Austin, TX. The title is derived from "maître fromager" - one who selects and cures cheeses. The site has a wonderful reference section.

Cheese Underground

This new cheese blog by the Underground Cheese Lady intends to be "the place where the world finds out about great Wisconsin artisan cheese." It's off to a great start!

Saxelby Cheesemongers

The blog of Anne Saxelby's cheese store, which is located at the Essex St. Market (New York City). She definitely has a passion for small cheese producers and has visited quite a few of them.

Cheesaholics Anonymous

Nadia Muna Gil's excellent cheese blog focuses on answering people's everyday cheese questions. She'd also be happy to do a cheese event for you in New York City.

Mary Quicke's Dairy Diary

Not quite a cheese blog. This journal is written by Mary Quicke in Devon, who makes Quicke's Cheddar. Updated monthly it chronicles the news of the farm and dairy.

Food & Wine Blog Aggregators

They list 72 Food and Wine blogs. You can rate threads there, too.

BlogSoopNYC and BlogSoopSF

They organize restuarant reviews by bloggers and others by restaurant.

Wine Blogs

The Gray Market Report

W. Blake Gray's wine blog is my favorite new wine blog of 2009. A must read.


Alder Yarrow has a great writing style and palate. Great commentary, reviews of SF wine bars, wine event reports and scores.

The Pour

NY Times wine critic Eric Asimov is having fun sharing more of his insights and stories on wine, beer and spirits.

Brooklynguy's Wine and Food Blog

Neil's enthusiam for food and wine is contagious. His visits to Burgundy and the Loire Valley are detailed.

The Cellarist

This is a relatively new (and under publicized) blog from SF Chronicle's wine section editor, and main wine writer, Jon Bonné. Diverse in scope and a fun read.

Wine Terroirs

Bertrand Celce's photography shines as he visits interesting vineyards in France and beyond. He always seems to create one of the five best wine blog posts each year.


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz are frequently posting about the wines of Spain and Portugal, educating their readers along the way.


Thomas Pellechia, wine veteran and wine book writer, tackles a wine subject or wine myth in detail about twice a-week.

Rockss and Fruit

Lyle Fass gets down and dirty on a plethora of wine subjects. Excellent wine tasting notes. Worships German wine.

Bigger Than Your Head

Wine writer Fredric Koeppel shares his knowledge on this blog and his website.

The Picky Eater

Keith Levenberg serves up some serious wisdom on the world of wine and food. So refreshing!

REthink Wine Blog

Probably the best wine industry blog. Diverse and intelligent.

Wine Library TV

Gary Vaynerchuk, about four times per week, tastes 3-6 wines and tells you what he thinks. He is demystifying wine and teaching viewers to trust their own tastes.

Blame It On Rioja

Adrian Murcia, fromager and sommelier, explores wine and food, often from Rioja.

The Wine Doctor

Chris Kissack's website has a tremendous number of wine reviews, descriptions of visits to wineries and is frequently updated.

jamie goode's wine blog

Jamie Goode, wine journalist, has a huge, comprehensive and great wine website. His blog fills in some details.


Lenn Thompson's blog focuses on New York wine, especially Long Island. The Long Island Wine Tourist Board needs to name (and pay) him as their spokesperson!

Les carnets de François Audouze

François has a tremendous passion for old wines - and has tasted more of them than practically anyone. His eBob posts accelerated my interest in old wines. His blog is worth visiting for the photos alone.

On The Wine Trail In Italy

Alfonso Cevola's quirky wine-ish blog that focuses on food, wine and wine professionals.

The Wine Importer

Joe Dressner imparts his irreverent wine wisdom. Leads the Real Wine Revival. Also posts as Captain Tumor Man.


Nilay Gandhi reviews a bottle about once-a-week, exactly one very long paragraph in length.

Italian Wine Review

Kyle Phillip's extensive and frequent reviews of Italian wine. Check out the Lagrein post, for example. Also, writes Cosa Bolle in Pentola.


Winery PR-man Tom Wark is quite opinionated and prolific. Terrific wine industry news. Also writes this.

Food & Wine Forums

Updated September, 2008

There are quite a few US-based Food and Wine forums on the net. For Food forums, there are just too many at this time for me to guess where to read or post about a particular subject. As for Wine forums, I find the Mark Squires BB to be the one I visit regularly and post to. What I don't like about all of these forums is that it's too hard to find particular topics you're interested in. I think there needs to be a big merger of these forums and a reorganization; we really need the equivalent of the brilliant AVSForum for food and wine. - Jack

Food Forums


Lots of fine dining restaurant discussions, comments about NY Times critics, listings of food articles in the major newspapers, etc., etc. Posters include Anthony Bourdain and Mimi Sheraton.


It’s a huge food forum, but more focused on casual dining restaurants, etc. To find the best burger joint, po’ boy, etc., whilst traveling, this site is the one to go to.

Opinionated About Food Forum

You have to register before you can even read anything. This does not encourage visitors, but also makes it a private forum; it's postings are not found by search engines. This is where you can read about secret restaurants, for example, or criticism of big name chefs.

Mouthfuls Food Forum

I think the more serious food bloggers post least that's my impression.

Chocolate & Zucchini's Food Forum

Sustainability Forum

The new place to talk about sustainability issues with regards to food, agriculture and more.

Cheftalk Forum

A quite active forum for professional chefs.

Mark Squire’s BB - Food & Wine Sub-Forum

This is, generally, more focused on food & wine pairings.

OCA Forum

This forum for consumers, moderated by the Organic Consumers Association, has discussions for organics, GMOs, food saftey, etc.

Coffee Forums

CoffeeGeek Forum

This is a very popular and active coffee forum. Worth a visit.

CoffeeForums Forum

Too Much Coffee Forum

Wine Forums

Mark Squire’s BB

This is the top wine forum on the net (at least, in the English language). Posters include François Audouze, Mauss Francois, Roberto Rogness, Robert Parker, Antonio Galloni, David Schildknecht, Victor de la Serna, importers Dan Kravitz and Terry Theise (occasionally), and quite a few winemakers and winery owners, including those from Pégaü, Pax, Carlisle, Siduri, Two Hands, Holdredge, Kosta Browne, A.P. Vin and Loring. A horde of CellarTracker users live here, too. Update: The bad part is that there's a lot of censorship too; too many interesting threads are suddenly "closed" - a shame. And some long time frequent posters have been banned; some went to UK Wine Forum.

Wine Spectator Forum

With the rest of their site requiring pay for access, you'd almost never know you can still access their forum without paying a fee. I can't find anything of interest to me here, but that doesn't mean you won't.

WineLover’s Discussion Group

The third most popular wine forum, it is definitely worth a good look. Posters include Steve Edmunds and Robin Garr.

Wine Disorder

An eclectic, intelligent group who don't worship California wines. Joe Dressner is a regular poster.

UK Wine Forum (Wine-Pages)

This seems to be the most popular UK wine forum. They also have a Beer Forum.

West Coast Wine Net

West Coast Wine Net has more postings...

VinoCellar Wine Forum

...but VinoCellar Wine Forum has the best divisions of topics, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

The Auswine Forum

An Australian Wine Forum. Very focused on Australian wines.


A new forum and a bit more casual. It's gaining some popularity.

IWC (Tanzer) Discussion Forum

Steve Tanzer's forum for (paying) members of his website. As of summer 2005, it's the forum I visit the second most often. What is great is that people ask Steve questions and he answers most of them.

For The Love Of Port Forum

Roy Hersh's forum focuses on Port and Madiera, plus travel to Portugal.

Wino Depot Message Board

Lots of posts on wines being tasted by its members.

Wine Library TV Forum

The Vayniacs hold court here.

WinePress Forum

A forum for Home Winemakers. Not just wine made from grapes, but all sorts of wine made from all kinds of fruit and vegetables.