Food Sevens / by J White

Seven Real Reasons to Buy Organic Food

(and we think Farmers’ Markets have the best quality Organic Food - Jack)

 • Tastes better and has more flavor.

 • Nutritionally superior.

 • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) – plantings are banned in most of Europe. (GMO food, unbelievably, isn't labelled as such in the U.S.)

 • Isn't sprayed or treated with toxic chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones.

 • Much better for the environment - no contamination of rivers, lakes, streams, animals, butterflies and humans.

 • Keeps the soil healthy rather than destroying it.

 • Even rats think it’s better – and they are slimmer, have improved immune systems and sleep better.

Seven Cookbooks that get a lot of use in our Kitchen

 • Ballymaloe Bread Book

 • Dean & Deluca Cookbook

 • Martha Stewart Living Cookbook (& Baking)

 • Tartine

 • Gourmet

 • D’Artganan’s Glorious Game

 • Chez Panisse Vegetables

More Sevens

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Seven Ingredients you never want to find in a food you’re about to Eat

 • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

 • Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs)

 • Artificial sugars

 • Pesticide residue

 • Growth hormones

 • Ingredients banned in foreign countries (but not in the USA)

 • Ingredients you don’t find in a good cookbook

Seven Favorite Antique Apple Varieties

Slow Food USA's Ark on Heritage Apples

 • Gravenstein (Red or Green)

 • American Pippin

 • Golden Russet

 • Northern Spy

 • Jonathan

 • Black Twig

 • Arkansas Black

Seven Notable American Heritage Turkeys

 • Bourbon Red

 • Narragansett

 • American Bronze

 • Spanish Black

 • Slate

 • Jersey Buff

 • Royal Palm